There are  so many types of friendships and all are important blessings in one way or another. Yet there is a special group of friends that share a very important part of life – The friends we made in college or in my case nursing school.

I went to Newport Hospital School of Nursing 1975-1978. Those were the years of first independence and my first taste of adulthood. We became men and woman together, developed our social consciousness and a taste for beer. We experienced life wearing rose-colored glasses and our hearts on our sleeves. We laughed (boy did we laugh) we loved and we learned about being a true friend. How to lean on someone you barely knew.

We were truly in it together. We shared the same dream, the same classes, the same jobs and  most of us lived together. I can’t think of a closer environment except for the military. This is why these people will always hold a very special place in my heart…

To quote Paul Simon ” A time it was, and what a time it was – A time of innocents a time of confidences.”



Right Isn’t Always Easy…

We’re all faced with a hundred decisions a day ,some are easy and some are right. They are rarely both.

Such was the case today when my schedule already overbooked and overwhelming got flipped to go visit a friend in a nursing home. He is recovering from major surgery and has been feeling down. I thought a visit might lift his spirits – It did. It also lifted mine. Seeing him better was wonderful, and being able to share that news was just as great!

Could I have used the extra two hours to prep for my taxes, pay bills and catch up on the books for the business? The simple answer  is yes – The right answer is the books will be there ( in a bigger mess) but they will be there. My real “Business”  being a good friend was more important. Because in the end, that’s an audit I don’t want to lose!



Last to First

These past few days I’ve seen woman, who are friends, family members or clients who are fried. This is evident by all the tears, headaches, colds and dark circles I’ve noticed. I’m sure the season has something to do with it, but my guess is these woman are putting them selves last.

Putting your own needs last is what woman do. We are wired to put the needs of others first. Your family’s needs are one thing but many of these woman have put committees, causes and other out side influences ahead of them selves as well. Which is admirable but not always wise, I’m not saying to give up volunteering, however you need to consider your self too.

Most of us have ridden on a plane and have witnessed the safety lecture in which the flight attendant explains what to do when the oxogen masks are deployed. They tell you to place yours on first if you have children! This is so you can be alert enough to care for them. Utilize this safety instruction with your everyday lives. Do one thing for  yourself each day put your self first. By doing this we are more physically, mentally and spiritually ready to take care of everyone else!


Be kind to you…


Christmas Presence

As we get closer to Christmas or what ever holiday you may celebrate, we need to be more present. Being aware of all that’s going on around us – Cherishing each moment because they will be gone in the blink of an eye.

For instance, today my stepfather (82 years old) carried my Christmas tree up three flights of stairs. Will that happen next year? The school won a Christmas tree decorating contest in which we had students create the ornaments. Which of those students will be here next Christmas?

The nature of the universe is to constantly change. People are coming in and out of our lives every day. There are always new challenges to overcome. So we often get caught up in the next thing. All I’m saying is the best gift we can give ourselves is “Christmas Presence” create and keep this time because, like the winter’s snow it will soon be gone.




Hidden Gifts

As we get caught up in the self imposed chaos of Christmas shopping, remember to look for the hidden gifts of the day. I found such a gift this past Saturday.

Let me explain; about four months ago a woman stopped by my school during off hours.  She was soliciting for a charity event called “Light Up The Fort”.  The idea was to have local business buy a Christmas tree to decorate for a contest then have the public pay to view them. Now this all sounded fine and fun in the warmth of August, so I agreed – And so it began!

I finally realized what I volunteered to do the middle of November! Yikes there were students testing for black belt, then a graduation, a demo team to prepare! Throw in a Holiday Pro Shop sale, several charity collections and an under belt test and graduation. I was regretting my impetuous decision and whined about all the work and time!

Lucky for me I have a great staff and talented and creative students and parents (gift). We held two crafting sessions (did I mention I’m craft challenged). Then the actual day of the event was cold, damp and windy (three of the fatal four all we missed was snow). We all endured the decorating  with joy and laughter(gift). The biggest surprise was yet to be…

When we returned we found out we WON Most Imaginative Tree! (gift) Yet we won much more than $250.00  – We won the incredible feeling of doing for others, sharing time with people you enjoy being with, loving and living life (BIG GIFT)


Ginnie Award winning tree decorator….


Been There

Got my hair cut today – That in itself is not a major revelation but the long history of my hairdresser and me, that is a different story.

I’ve been going to Joan since 1980! Yikes! Talk about a constant presence in your life! We’ve been through deaths, births, good economies and bad – New business locations – We share mutual friends and have seen everything from mullets to reality TV! Joan’s  been there –  Every six weeks for thirty or ninety minutes we come together and review everything that’s gone on in our lives.

Through thirty-one years of living Joan has Been There, a  constant presence and a friend. It’s amazing how some of the spear carriers in our mini dramas become major contributors.



As I See IT

After having a great heart to heart with a friend today, concerning our individual lives and the “drama” that occasionally surrounds them. I’ve come to this conclusion. We can’t ever figure out what another is thinking because it will never be; As I See It!

Just like the blind men trying to describe the different parts of an elephant we all have our own unique perspective – That’s good – Just don’t expect everyone to share yours. Their views might be coming from the tail rather than the trunk.

The most important thing is we learn to respect one another’s views without feeling we have impose or compromise our own. Simply agree to disagree. Not always easy I know but it beats any other alternative. Strictly my opinion…