I’ve got to engage my brain more often when people are asking me stuff! Seems I’ve been finding myself doing things – I don’t want to do. Because I wasn’t fully present when being asked. Okay my body was there my brain was on vacation!

Case in point – In two weeks, I will be standing outdoors in a fort decorating a tree! Nice you say… Not if you’ve also committed your staff and you to be there from 8am-7pm! In the damp cold air of December. Did I mention I hate the cold and damp!

Okay it’s for a good cause, but I could have written a check and said see me in June, I’ll decorate a rose bush!

Back to my point listen before you leap or you could find yourself in the cold damp of Rhode Island covering a tree with origami!


Left Overs…

Well the day after Thanksgiving is usually about spending too much money (but look how much I saved) and eating left overs… Since Black Friday means nothing to me I’ll go with the left overs.

Today there was left over food and left over work. The food will be eaten and the work was almost completed but there are the residual thank you notices or thoughts.

Traditionally I use this weekend to write out my Christmas cards (OOPS how un P.C. of me) I said Christmas, oops wrote Christmas! Yikes I hope this doesn’t go on my permanent record!

I digress, I write Christmas Cards because it’s the perfect time to remember each individual. To recall what they mean to me. Sappy I know but it is my way of getting into the true spirit of the season and I don’t get up at midnight to do it!


Happy Holidays


Being There…

Continuing with my thoughts on Thanksgiving; the meaning and the mayhem or how did we cluck it up?

A few more pithy thoughts; Seems we’re never satisfied, there is never enough. We constantly have to make each celebration better than the last. Its like we are training for the “Gold Medal” in the Thanksgiving Olympics! Last year a twenty pound turkey and five sides – Not good enough! This Year we will make it a twenty five pound turkey and seven sides – Better yes?

No, you idiots!  Here we go it doesn’t matter what is on the table! What matters is who’s around the table. “Being there”  – Present  that’s the gift – Your presence.

Sharing our selves this day, is nourishment for the soul.

In retrospect it would have been easier if the pilgrims and indians just shared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!



Think Before Yes…

Yes, another blog on woman who do too much. Why ? I hear you asking. Because we need to become aware of the Chronic Yessers.  You know who they are, you maybe one of them. The woman who says yes to every organization, charity, family member, pet and stranger who ask for help.

Chronic Yessers start at an early age, wanting to please and be loved. They are the perfect daughter and the best friend. They  grow up believing they can save the world, by making everyone happy. Except WE Can’t! Yes my name is Ginnie and I’m a chronic YESSER! I’ve yessed my way to sleep deprivation, migraines, back pain, shoulder pain, and chronically Cranky! After decades of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders – Leading to a left shoulder injury,(Probably over use). I’m here to say we don’t have to say YES to everyone!

What we need to start doing is thinking before we say yes. When someone asks you for a favor, to join a committee, or even to coffee. STOP and think about what is being asked and give it measurable meaning. For example watching a neighbors child for an hour can be measured as 60lbs. Can your shoulders take 60 pounds on top of the 120lb bake sale for the middle school? Notice how if we put weight to tasks or favors we are better able to see how we are becoming over burdened.

We’ve lost the ability to say no, we need to regain control over our lives and it starts with thinking before yes… By the way would anyone like to be on my committee to make habitual yessing a disease?

Don’t you dare say yes!





Waxing Simple…

Somewhere on the way to making things easier and more convenient we over complicated  simple!

That was my very thought reviewing the owner’s manual to my new car. After realizing there are at ten different ways to turn on the radio (and ten pages explaining how) I opted for a dial! There are voice activated, controls on the wheel, on the dash and probably in the trunk! All these options to do one task! Is it any wonder we are all so stressed? Do we really need that many options to put on a radio?

That experience got me to reviewing the other simple things that are now overly complicated.  For instance buying a cup of coffee, I remember when all you had to say was small, medium or large and if you wanted milk and or sugar. Now it’s tall (which is small), grande, or vente with non fat, whole or soy milk, decaf, or half decaf, dark roast or medium roast, raw sugar,white sugar, or any of the variety of artificial sweeteners! Let’s not get into the rest of the ways coffee can be prepared (I need to be at work in seven hours).

Maybe we should stop looking how to make things easier and return to making them simpler. Then we will spend less time and stress less over the many choices! The Buddha explained the greater choices the greater the suffering! I wonder what his advice would be if he were around today? I’m guessing he’d order a medium black coffee and use the dial on the radio!






Questions on Aging?

Okay I admit it I’m 54 years old. Most days I’m okay with that and I take the Popeye philosophy ” I am what I am.”  Then there are the damp rainy days when I walk up and down the stairs and can’t tell if it’s the stairs or me creaking. This got me pondering these age old questions on old age: If we call wrinkles laughter lines why do we have them all over our body? Why are brown spots freckles when your young and age spots when you mature? Which leads to the question why are there so many immature – mature adults? What is the time line from a young chick, to a spring chicken, to a mother hen, to just being fowl? Can any one explain how you can go from a 34 B to a 36 Long? Why aren’t spider veins considered body art and tattoos of spider webs are? Do male hair follicles reverse course?  Instead of growing on the head they sprout out of noses and ears.

These were just a few, there are a zillion more but I just had a senior moment and forgot them…

Keep on Rocking, (in the chair that is)




Kind of Thinking – Kind of…

Rifling through some of my friends facebook posts I noticed one friend encouraged kindness for today. At first I thought that’s nice, then it occurred to me kindness should be expected, not  suggested.

This thought stuck with me throughout the morning as I reflected my actions of the day. Wondering if I needed a prompt or two or was being kind a natural part of my day. These are the results; I was kind to my cats this morning, I was unkind to the stuck clothes hanger in my closet. I was kind to my neighbor and brought in her newspaper, I flipped off a fellow driver. I was kind to a friend and lent a hand, I was unkind to my ailing shoulder.

My conclusions; I have a tendency to be kinder to those I know than I don’t know. I’m willing to extend kindness to a friend even if it hurts me and I have very little respect for things that just hang around!

Proceed with kindness,