Child’s Play

Living with cats, or any companion animal teaches us many things. One of the biggest lessons my cats teach me is to be true to my nature.  Cats do cat – They don’t pretend to be anything else but what they are – Staying true to their nature they often behave as they did as kittens. This is one of my favorite sides of my cats personality. For instance Sage my good natured tabby waits outside the bathtub anticipating a rousing game of tug a towel. Gracie the neurotic tuxedo lies and waits by my feet until I remove my running shoes, she loves shoelaces.

My cats play helps me tap into my inner child as well, because I play along with them. They’ve taught me to enjoy my running, cycling and even my martial arts more. I find the simplicity in those activities I’d forgotten about. I think less about times, distances and reps and more about the pure joy of the activity. I guess you can say what used to be playing became working out and now it’s all “Child’s Play.”



Tao of Cat

This morning I took notice of my cat Sage’s approach on obtaining the “window seat” (a chair in front of the window). This spot is predominately occupied my tuxedo cat Gracie, however this morning Sage had a desire to lay there.  I watched how Sage carefully approached the chair mindful that Gracie was watching her from the windowsill. Once Sage got to the chair the inevitable happened she was hissed away by “the boss”. Un daunted and following the “Way” Sage stayed low and found a quiet spot in the hall. After thirty minutes passed I noticed Sage was sleeping comfortably on the “Window Seat” Gracie was asleep in a patch of sunlight not far off!

Sage knew there would be another opportunity to use the chair, she didn’t fight for it she followed the principle of non-resistance choosing peace, then allowing the universe to take its course she manifested her presence on the chair!

I’ve learned yet another lesson from my aptly named cat; conflict doesn’t resolve anything! I will try to remember this while seeking my place in the sun!




A New Look At Mom

We take advantage of those who are closest to us and no one gets taken advantage of more than our mothers. So today was all about giving mom a day for her and a day for me to take a good look at the woman who gave me life…

My mom will be eighty in July. Her mind is very youthful and still keen, she doesn’t move as quickly and doesn’t see or hear as well but she is very much the same woman who brought me into this world. Sarah is still the center cog in my families’ machine; tending to friends, cats indoor and feral, my cousin’s dogs, my cousins and her beloved John. She cooks cleans two houses, sews, does her water colors, bakes and occasionally still pens a letter to the editor for the local paper. 

Mom was born and brought up in  the same town she still resides in and once lead (former Town Administrator). Besides being a municipal leader she was a house keeper, realtor, owned her own business, worked for the State at D.O.T. and for the Attorney General. She’s belonged to many local organizations and has contributed immensely to her community.

Never to shy away from helping others she befriended many elderly residents and visited, cooked for and taxied them until they passed away. When we were younger she took in family members in need. She was the primary caretaker for my cousin who is on the spectrum until we could get services. 

Even knowing all this about my incredible mom it wasn’t until I saw her hutch littered with Mother’s Day cards from friends, family members, dogs, and cats (I only have one brother). The amount of loving wishes from those cards made me realize my mother is “The Mother, A True Matriarch” I am so filled with pride, and feel so blessed that she is not only my Mother, but my friend and mentor… 

I’m so grateful to all those who sent my mom those lovely cards you opened my eyes and my heart to really see my Mom…


School Is In Session…

I’m in a good space right now. When I’m like this I notice things — I become aware. I find lessons in everything, from driving to work, to switching my seasonal wardrobe. There are literally hundreds of lessons every week in my universal classroom. There are subtle messages from the TV I watch (not the Madison Avenue messages). My cats and the rest of the animals I encounter teach me something. Running and Yoga are my first lessons of the day . From the moment I wake up school is in session…

This isn’t just for me, it’s an open classroom everyone is welcome. The only enrollment requirement is you show up everyday open to learn about; life, about you…

Got to go one of my teachers just walked in and needs to be fed!




This morning I was awakened by a golden eyed tuxedo cat named Gracie. Then I practiced yoga with a green eyed tabby named Sage. This is how my day starts almost every day.

These two kitty kids have seen me through some difficult days and have been there to celebrate my personal victories. For instance when I had pneumonia it seemed like they vowed not to fight or play to rough – One or both slept with me in my bed the whole time I was never left alone. They were there when I did my happy dance after I lost 25lbs! After a good or bad day at the karate school I come home to purrs and leg weaves, and if I should be late they’re sitting on the window sill waiting…

With devotion and loyalty such as that how can you not consider them family or as Gracie “purfurs” Fur-mily… I’m so blessed two have these beautiful beings in my life. I’d be lost without them. Their love is unconditional and real. All you have to do is look into their eyes…


Kind of Thinking – Kind of…

Rifling through some of my friends facebook posts I noticed one friend encouraged kindness for today. At first I thought that’s nice, then it occurred to me kindness should be expected, not  suggested.

This thought stuck with me throughout the morning as I reflected my actions of the day. Wondering if I needed a prompt or two or was being kind a natural part of my day. These are the results; I was kind to my cats this morning, I was unkind to the stuck clothes hanger in my closet. I was kind to my neighbor and brought in her newspaper, I flipped off a fellow driver. I was kind to a friend and lent a hand, I was unkind to my ailing shoulder.

My conclusions; I have a tendency to be kinder to those I know than I don’t know. I’m willing to extend kindness to a friend even if it hurts me and I have very little respect for things that just hang around!

Proceed with kindness,




Fur the Love…

Taking a moment to recognize and appreciate the “Furry” members of our families. Whether they may be feline or canine they expect nothing and give everything…  My life has been blessed by dogs and cats, each bringing me a special love unmatched in human terms. These furry family members rarely deviate in their affection toward those they love.  Whereas we humans have love that changes as our relationships evolve. I guess this is why our pets are so important, they can always be counted on for support. Whether it’s a lick of the hand, purr, or tail wag, they are always there when needed.

It is my hope that I can be counted on by my furry family and my human family and friends. That by experiencing this kind of unconditional love I can  also give love unconditionally.

Nature is God’s classroom to us, we are to be a part of it to learn from it – The natural world is not ours to conquer or improve but ours to study and share. So Fur the love my friends hug your kitties, and doggies love them like they love you – You’ll be a better person.

A Friend Fur Ever,