The Race to No Where…

One of my favorite lines from  television is when a character asked another character “How’s the rat race?” – Response; ” The rats are winning!”

I’m in one of those races now except I like to call it the race to No Where! Schedules are tight and overbooked, traffic always seems to be a problem, and Murphy’s Law is in effect the whole time we’re in this race. I’m not even sure if the race is against time, or sanity? Why do we do this to ourselves? We’re in a hurry all the time to go where? What exactly are we accomplishing?  A giant to do list, which probably contained tasks that should have been completed before now. Why do we stress ourselves into overload? We must be delusional! I am. It always seems when I’m scheduling different parts of my life I don’t look a my whole life. The result is like a giant car crash at the 95 split at rush hour; my career , home and personal life meet in a three car pile up. The only solution – The Jaws of Life!

I’m unsure if this blog is more of a commentary or a rant? I will try to end this with a productive thought. When we finally gain control and get out of the Race to No Where – We may realize we are  NOW Here. Amazing what a little space can do to change perspective… Not only with letters but with ourselves. Give your self space to breathe, and appreciate the Here and Now!


In Stride…

I’ve been thinking about how I’m reacting to the challenges life has thrown in my path the past year. How in the beginning I was resisting and trying to will my way through the obstacles; like banging my head against the wall. I believe I actually did that a couple of times, which may account for the migraines. Seriously somewhere in the midst of struggle and pain I came to a realization to deal with what I had direct control over and turn the rest over to my Higher Power. I decided to take things IN STRIDE.

I believe part of the human experience is to learn what we actually have control over and what we have to turn over to faith.  This isn’t to say that I’m not trying to promote my business or looking for ways to turn around different challenges. What I’m trying to say is I’m working on me from the inside out; getting healthier, fitter, and grounded – The things I have control over. The kind of faith I’m referring to is the faith between me and God; not believing in God, but Believing With God!  All things are possible if we allow it…


It’s a Vanilla Cream DoNut Kinda Day!