Hitting The Curve Ball

I love sports analogies, I use them all the time in my teaching. They provide an easy way to learn a lesson and they are very often relevent in life. “Hitting The Curve Ball” has been one of the tests that separate Major leaguers from perpetual minor leaguers. Most good ballplayers can eventually catch up with a straight fast ball, but the great ones can hit just about anything thrown at them.

The same thing holds true with life, we all get along fine while we’re hitting fastballs out of the park. It’s when we get caught off guard by the curve ball that truly tests our skills. Things like illness, unexpected emergencies, changes in our finances, relationships or┬ároutines, test our adaptation skills. Do we strike out, walk, get a hit? That depends on our experience and our willingness to preserver ; We all love the gritty ball player who fouls off 10 curve balls until he gets a pitch to hit. That’s the secret hang in there with patience but do Something!

Life is always evolving but we must evolve along with it, other wise we’ll be stuck in the minors for life…

Get to the cages and practice your swing!