Running Conversations…

Apart from the many known benefits of running like fitness, stress release, increased wellbeing one of my favorites is “Running” conversations through my mind. rehearsing potential meetings, scenarios or confrontations before they occur makes me more confident in making my case or sharing my opinion.

In the past I’d just fly by the seat of my pants and tend to just respond in the moment. Often too harshly if I was hurt or too passively if I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. When I visualize conversations while running I’m more relaxed and more open to potential outcomes therefore better prepared with responses that are appropriate and fair to all involved. Most of the scenarios I’ve “run” while running have turned out well. I’m not as sure they would have come out as favorable if I reviewed them without the running. I believe the state that running puts me in allows me to express my feelings and thoughts clearer.

If you do this to share how it’s helped you if you don’t give it a try!