When To?

Some of the most difficult decisions in my teaching career (and in life) are the “When To’s” . I’m an adult child of an alcoholic and a certified enabler. Therefore I tend to want to do everything, to make it easier or right for the others involved. On the surface this behavior seems rather benign – It isn’t.

Always doing for others especially staff and students, prevents them from experiencing the growth they need. Yet there are times when in order to teach them properly I need to actually do what I’m asking to get done… (I know I’m talking in circles) . This is the dilemma; When to interfere and when to let go?  I’m constantly at odds with myself over this. I want to get what I want the way I want without hurting anyone’s ego.

I know I have to trust my guides and learn from each situation, but it doesn’t make it any easier. For instance  “When To” end this commentary?



I wish I were better at making decisions especially the big ones! When it comes to facing a decision that is going to require a great deal of change I cower like a scared rabbit!

I’ve been vacillating back and forth for over a month whether or not to move my school to a smaller more cost efficient spot in the same plaza. No brainer, I hear you saying. Unfortunately for me bottom line isn’t the bottom line for me. There are so many sides to this that it’s making me dizzy. I wish there were a magic ball that I could look into and see how it will all turn out. Unfortunately there isn’t.

So I will let the two hemispheres of my brain debate this further and come to a decision or have my head explode…

BTW willing to accept any suggestions…