No Right Answer

I received a facebook message this morning from a former parent regarding the passing of her son’s friend. The friend was 19 – So often with death especially at this age leaves us questioning WHY?

Unfortunately there are no right answers – Life isn’t a multiple choice test, it’s an essay. Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t.  We need to be aware that life is an open book test and the answers are there to be found. We just have to be willing to look, realizing sometimes knowing the answer is scarier than not knowing. All I know for sure is every person and experience are there to teach us something.

Like I said no right answer, just more questions…




I’ve had to attend several wakes and funerals these past few months. These gatherings got me to thinking not so much about death but about life. More specifically how our lives often intersect each other.

Today as I sat during the funeral mass of a friends mother and saw all the people in the church. I couldn’t help noticing how many lives this woman touched directly or indirectly and the imprint she made on those lives.  Listening to the priest speak of her work at a local bank. I wondered if she waited on me when I lived in Newport?

As my eyes scanned the room there were the familiar faces of parents whose children I once taught. As we all exited  at the end of the service; A few of those parents approached me, filling me in on their childrens’ lives. I started to wonder about all the intersecting my life has done. Praying that there were more good than bad encounters. Which inspired me to be kinder to those who cross my path…

I guess the way to live an inspired life, is to know one day it will end…



Don’t Wait…

All to often we leave things unsaid, thinking we can leave it for tomorrow. Except as my father used to say; “Tomorrow never comes, its always today.”  No one is guaranteed another moment let alone another day. Don’t ever leave the presence of someone you love without telling them you love them. I got into this habit when my dad was dying of cancer. I always made my last words I love you dad to be sure those were the last words he heard – They were.

The problem is unless we know someone is terminally ill we never think this will be our last moment together. I no longer take that chance. Too many people I care about have gone without me saying those words. In fact I end all my phone conversations and my text messages that way. Get in the habit you’ll never have to regret what your last moment was with anyone.

Oh sorry to bring this up, but don’t forget it could be you who’s not around tomorrow! Do you want to leave this world with things left unsaid?

Love you,