Running Because I Can…

First let me begin by explaining I use the term “running” vey loosely – I’m more of a Slogger (a sloth that jogs). However I enjoy participating in 5K events. The people and the atmosphere are so welcoming.  5K races were Planet Fitness before there was a Planet Fitness… Everyone goes at their own pace and will eventually finish! There’s no intimidation especially in the charity runs. After all we’re all trying to do our best to support the cause…

Which is why I run these  5Ks Be “cause” I can… Next Saturday I will be strapping on the Brooks and hitting the pavement for the MS Run. Multiple Sclerosis has been in my life in more ways than I can count. One of my first patients as a nursing assistant was afflicted with MS. She taught me to never take my health and physical abilities for granted. I also have friends, and family members who are affected and one dear cousin who lost her battle with MS. (Ironically today would have been Rita’s 61st Birthday) So,pushing myself to run after what looks to be a crazy final week before vacation at work — No matter how hot it’s going to be or how many annoying mosquitos there’ll be — Is still going to be a breeze compared to what someone who suffers from MS goes through each and every day. Which is why when things get a little rough I accept the challenge with gratitude and remind myself keep running because I can… 

The Rhode Island MS run is Saturday August 20th at 6pm, in Bristol RI, for more information check out the Rhode Island Multiple Sclerosis Society’s web site or support me by going to my link on my Facebook Page!

Truly Blessed,


Running Backwards…

Runs take on a life of their own today’s theme was running backwards, to another time in the same place. Here are a few of those thoughts and or observations;

Lush green hills you were for tumbling down, I see you covered with cousins, friends and my brother rolling and laughing then looking and observing the clouds for familiar shapes. Where are today’s children?  Hills are beckoning…

Lilacs the scent brings me back to May days in school bringing lilacs for the teachers and Saints in the church at SES. Beautiful lilacs once my grandmother’s and my aunt Lucy’s that bordered my childhood home, do children still bring teachers flowers?

Neighborhoods built in the sixties where baby boomers like me grew up adorn the main road I run. I ventured down one such road today, and found tiny ranch homes built by the greatest generation. When a 1700 square foot three bedroom one bath was enough to raise 3.5 children. Where hours must have been spent swinging on the swings in the small park with the chain link fence. Suddenly I have a vision of mothers wearing aprons and fathers coming home in work clothes caring a lunch pail. Where are you now? Your houses are peeling and the lawn needs mowing, do your children visit do the grandkids play on the swing? Almost on cue Glen Miller’s String of Pearls blasts in my ears and I smile, the spirit of times past is with me.

My pace slows as I’ve returned home and to the present, was it 30 minutes or 45 years? I’m left hoping I can run backwards another day and to another time…


Pace and Patience

If I had to claim a super power it would be “learning pace”. It doesn’t matter if I’m working on my golf swing, new yoga positions, running or martial arts, I practice Pace and Patience.  Recently I witnessed the opposite at the driving range while I was working my short clubs to start the season another golfer was butchering the ball with his driver, so much so I was hitting the ball further with an eight iron. To be honest the gentleman was probably a new golfer still with that said it’s hard to believe he will be successful if he continues to choose this method of practice.

I’ve seen the same thing in running a 5k so many runners start out fast trying to maintain the pace of the frontrunners, while I pace my self right from the start. I eventually pass all those runners.

This blog post isn’t meant to tout my golf or running, but to make a point that skill and knowledge are obtained through pace and patience or Slow and Steady wins the Race, call me tortoise, my super alias…


Child’s Play

Living with cats, or any companion animal teaches us many things. One of the biggest lessons my cats teach me is to be true to my nature.  Cats do cat – They don’t pretend to be anything else but what they are – Staying true to their nature they often behave as they did as kittens. This is one of my favorite sides of my cats personality. For instance Sage my good natured tabby waits outside the bathtub anticipating a rousing game of tug a towel. Gracie the neurotic tuxedo lies and waits by my feet until I remove my running shoes, she loves shoelaces.

My cats play helps me tap into my inner child as well, because I play along with them. They’ve taught me to enjoy my running, cycling and even my martial arts more. I find the simplicity in those activities I’d forgotten about. I think less about times, distances and reps and more about the pure joy of the activity. I guess you can say what used to be playing became working out and now it’s all “Child’s Play.”



The Edge of Periphery

Thrill seekers enjoy living on the edge; The excitement of danger and the potential for harm. A seemingly insane way to go about life to those of us who prefer to live within the presumed norms. However I believe there’s an even more dangerous way to live and that’s on the “Edge of Periphery” those who live  via their television, computer, tablet and smart phone screens. Reading posts and tweets of celebrities, friends or getting lost in You Tube, videos gaming or Television programs – Never really experiencing what they’re viewing.

Technology has brought the world to our finger tips and has given us many opportunities to view it but life is about living in the world. A world  that doesn’t have pixels or HD.

Don’t get too close to either edge, one you may fall far the other you get sucked into, given the choice I think I’d prefer falling…

Do your self a favor get into the world today and untangle yourself from the web…

To Life!


Change of Season

Today at 12:57pm marks the official start of Spring, one that has been too long in coming for those of us who’ve had to endure the wrath of the winter of 2014.

Living in New England affords us with the opportunity to “enjoy” four seasons (in my case three). Growing up summer was always my favorite there was more freedom to explore childhood. The days were endless and always filled with fun and adventure.

New England is a mecca for autumn and it’s panoramic colored views of fall foliage, and I enjoy this time of harvest fairs and color. The start of school and football season are also hallmarks of the special time of the year.

Winter for me is like a bad relationship, it starts off wonderful with celebration and gifts and ends badly with cold dark tedium and angry storms that leave your heart cold and your soul looking for redemption.

Then comes spring, (which has become my favorite) life become light again, there’s hope things will become better, warmer and more beautiful and it does. The colors are clean and new like the air, with soft inviting pastels. Bird song fills the air like a symphony celebrating life. Everyday something new awakens, birds are more active, grass starts turning green, buds appear on trees, flowers start sprouting from the earth and with each of the glorious miracles my spirit and faith are renewed. Spring is a true gift one to be appreciated and celebrated!




Home at Last

The title of this blog seems to imply I’ve been away. I haven’t – I’ve been caught up in the rat race (one I’d rather not run in). The holidays were extra busy with my mother and stepfather being under the weather – I took on more responsibility for the festivities.

After the holidays returning to work got off to a “stormy” start. Winter made its presence known and havoc on my schedule. Classes were added to weekends.

Now the Tax man cometh and gathering 2013’s paper work for the business has been less than enjoyable.

Which brings me to today the first day since the beginning of December that I can truly call my own. Back home among my books, music, yoga, journals and kitchen. I’ve had the best sort of day, a Zen day; cleaning, cooking, baking, reading, meditating, practicing yoga, Finding the “me” among the daughter, friend, teacher, sister, cousin, boss, business owner, martial artist and cat mom.

Have I learned anything about myself? Not really anything new, but unlike the “Energizer Bunny” I need to be recharged every now and again and my tiny condo apartment is my sanctuary, its me and one of the only places I can be completely me; no persona just one person. Home at last…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


2013 Marathon

This blog often uses running as a metaphor for life – Such is the case for this entry.

Races have distances; 5k, 10k 10miler, 1/2 marathons and marathons. Time has measurements too; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. So it sort of makes sense (to me) to compare a year (2013) to a marathon.

Distance running is about endurance, struggling through the first mile, trying to establish a rhythm the ebb and flow of endorphins and pain. Getting through a year is about day to day struggles, establishing routines, living through the good times and struggling through the difficult times.

Running teaches us commitment, focus, how to deal with pain, and how to revel in the small victories as well as the big wins, but mostly it teaches us about Life…

Here’s wishing everyone a good RUN in the 2014 Marathon…



This thought came about not from running, but from running around.  I’m like everyone else I get easily caught up in the “to dos” of the season and often forget the reason for the season.

These past weeks I’ve been running around trying to do everything. I have parents who are aging and who are slowing down and have been a bit under the weather with seasonal maladies, a business that requires a lot of my time and energies and a home of my own that I share with two neurotic cats that also require attention. I’m sure everyone reading this can relate in some way, especially caregivers who put everyone and everything ahead of themselves.

With all the running around I’ve found little time to rest, run and reflect. Yesterday a teacher of mine gave me an AA acronym H.A.L.T (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) states that lead an addict off the path of sobriety, they also effect everyone in various ways. I find myself getting very irritable and on the edge of tears and or an angry outburst. My back aches both physically and metaphorically from the burdens I’ve taken on (mostly of my own volition). It is said that being aware of the problem is the first step to recovering – Today I’m taking steps; I will be more aware of when and what I eat – I will take time to work out to destress and work out angst – I will talk to friends and I will get rest. Small steps  but positive ones.

Now to get back to running instead of running around!



Sunrise Run

Today was the day for the Pell Bridge Run ( the infamous bridge on the RI State quarter). The weather cooperated nicely, temps in the low 50’s with overcast skies, the wind was between 10 and 15mph. I was awake at 4am and out of the house at 5am (I know crazy), it was so peaceful driving into Newport it gave me plenty of time to gather my thoughts on why I love this run so much. First there’s the novelty of running over a two mile bridge toward one of the most historic seaports in the world – With the sunrising behind it no less! Add in the fact that it takes place on Veterans Day weekend, running with countless service men and woman not to mention the veterans is a privilege, and a great opportunity for me to thank them for their service. Makes this a must run, for me every year!

The course was adjusted so we ended at the yachting center, which meant I had to walk Thames Street back to my car. This was a great! I got to cool down my legs and literally walk down memory lane. Thames, is where my friends and I spent countless hours during our time at Newport Hospital School of Nursing. The shops were all closed and the street was quiet (for Newport) and it was a blissful and for a quick moment tear-filled walk. Frankly I don’t know if I was crying over my lost youth or just how overwhelmingly blessed I was feeling? My guess, it was a combination of both!

Till next year,


NPT from Jamestown