Wanting Nothing…

Today I bought an iphone. Which means there is nothing left on my “thing list!” I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this before. I’ve always set goals and among my goals were things – Now there’s no-thing!

How blessed can one person be? Imagine there is nothing I want… I feel free like there was a to do list and it’s complete. So it is time for me to focus on the things I can do rather than buy. Investing my time and money into worthy causes and pursuits.

I can hardly wait to start a new list of things I want – For others…





As we scurry and hurry to find the perfect gift for family and friends. Let’s not worry about what they may like or want. How about giving them what they need?

Love, one size fits all!

By the way isn’t that what the season is all about Charlie Brown?




The “Season of Giving” brings us to all kinds of time honored traditions. Including Re-gifting aunt Margaret’s fruit cake!

Although there are many rules of etiquette from such noted authorities such as Martha Stewart. Here’s a simple “re-gifting” idea, share your unique gifts! By re-gifting or giving your talents, you can make someone’s quality of life better. Can we say the same about aunt Margaret’s fruit cake?

Let this be a season of true giving; and remember what the Beatles said – “You Can’t Buy Me Love!”




Hidden Treasures…

After waxing poetically about cleaning house in yesterday’s blog, I thought I’d be more practical with today’s blog.

After cleaning four and a half hours yesterday and one hour ┬átoday, I’ve managed to collect one bag of items to donate. Many of these items have never been opened or used. Instead of re-gifting, I’m giving them away to a local thrift shop. Hopefully someone will buy them who will use them and the thrift shop gains some income.

How green and spirited is that? Recycling with a purpose – Everybody wins! So what are you hoarding away that someone else can use? How often, if ever have you used it? Did you even remember you had it? Donate it! Give it away.

We are always asking for more. Never appreciating what we have. The universe is yielding it can only give when there is space to receive. This is the season of giving. We may not have a lot of money to spend but we have a lot of things to give and most importantly we have our time and our hearts!

So go look for buried treasures – you just might find yourself…




Giving not GIFTING, that’s what the holidays are about…

Volunteering your time to a soup kitchen or food pantry – Lending a hand to an elder – Spending time not money on your children – Being present with yourself and your higher power – Appreciating your talents by sharing them. These are the true gifts of the season and you won’t find them on sale black Friday – They are to precious and rare!


Go out and hug someone!



Leaving Fingerprints…

We touch and are touched by many people in our lives. Only but few will leave “fingerprints” – A lasting impression… I’ve been on the receiving end and my guess is I’ve been on the leaving end as well.

First, what we put out in life is what we generally get back. If this karmic philosophy is true, then a couple of people who touched my life this week are in for lots of good. I’m not at ease accepting kindness and or favors (I like to be the giver). So it takes a while for me to let go of the “controls” and go with the flow if you will. In doing this I’ve learned about my role in someone else’s life and accepted my karmic reward.

In the leaving an impression; We often hope we make a difference but when you see a lesson or a truth that you’ve been trying to teach finally make a break through in someone’s life your heart fills with joy. Not ego satisfaction, but the knowing that you aided another to find a piece of themselves and now they can grow! There is no greater gift to a teacher nor is there a greater lesson for the teacher…