Resolving Resolutions…

As we approach 2013 I’m sure there are many who are coming up with their list of New Year Resolutions – I’m even more sure these resolutions will be forgotten as quickly as the confetti is swept up in Manhattan.

Resolutions don’t work, like “fox hole” prayers they are done in a state of panic. People are dissatisfied about what they didn’t do or become in the previous year. So its understandable when given a clean slate or a fresh start we make a list of things we want to resolve.

What we need to realize is New Years Day is the day after December 31st, it isn’t any different from March 3rd! If we don’t live with inspiration and a thirst for knowledge and contribution we will remain dissatisfied with what we see as our accomplishments or to put it or plainly OUR SELVES…

We can’t change because of a day. We change because of a desire to be and do better and this is done through goal setting and careful planning. Focusing on the end – May I suggest you either read or reread one of the many incarnations of Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits books. This alone will resolve your need for resolutions…

Happy January 1st!


Mileage Metaphor

Typically my worst mile in running is my first and depending on the length of the run the last. Which pretty much sums up everything I take on! Getting started with a project or anything new requires a great deal of discipline. The thought of daunting tasks are sometimes too much to bear so we/I procrastinate. Procrastinating is just like those annoying leg cramps in the first mile you either succumb and walk or  work through it and complete the goal.

After Getting through the first mile you gain momentum and a rhythm and all goes along well. Until the tedium and length weighs you down, and you quit or stall. This is when training and experience will get you through to the end.

Completing tasks requires practice just as long distance running does. So train the same way. Start with low mileage/or small projects and build up until you can complete your marathon…

My brain is running wild today!



Momentum Is Contagious…

I had a recent conversation with one of my staff members regarding momentum. I was explaining how each staff member has taken our training discipline and used it in other aspects of our lives.

Which got me to thinking, this momentum wasn’t just confined to my staff and me. Our momentum has been sort of  a wave that the entire school has been riding. The students in the school are more fit, training more seriously,  and we all are accomplishing wonderful things in the community. It doesn’t stop there our families have gained momentum as well…

Here are a few secrets for creating a momentum outbreak in your life. First start with one simple goal, see it through to the end. After completing one goal try for two. Make your goals in different areas of your life. For example; my fitness goal was to run in  more races — Now I have people joining me. I also tested for my sixth dan, gave away training tips and Friday I will promote two more black belts. My house painting has inspired at least three other friends to do the same!

So infect someone with your momentum, and see what happens!


Inch By Inch…

I’m a big picture kinda gal. I like to review the whole and work backwards toward the end. This is a a great way to goal set but it often gets me to a state of anxiety. For example; my tiny little condo apartment needs an overhaul. I can see what needs to be done and have budgeted for it but for the past three years keep putting it off! Why because I can’t stand the chaos!The thought of creating a huge mess,screwing up my schedule,interfering with my cats and my sanity, is overwhelming!

It was that thought I took with me on my latest training run. I reviewed all the pros and cons of the “big project” and then it hit me make this project a lot of small projects! (You’re all laughing), sometimes I and I guess we psyche ourselves out of doing something because we’re afraid of the time,money or in my case chaos of a goal.  Which is understandable challenges are meant to make us grow.

So whenever I have to paint a room, balance quickbooks or run a 5k my approach will be inch by inch!

Gotta go pick out paint,


Wanting Nothing…

Today I bought an iphone. Which means there is nothing left on my “thing list!” I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this before. I’ve always set goals and among my goals were things – Now there’s no-thing!

How blessed can one person be? Imagine there is nothing I want… I feel free like there was a to do list and it’s complete. So it is time for me to focus on the things I can do rather than buy. Investing my time and money into worthy causes and pursuits.

I can hardly wait to start a new list of things I want – For others…





With the dawning of the new year also comes the resolutions, goals and promises to make this year better than the last. While all the idea of change is admirable – It will soon be forgotten and as stale, as aunt Martha’s fruit cake.

The reason people don’t follow through with so called new year resolutions is they lack vision. In other words they don’t know what they really want. So they have very general goals like getting in shape. What kind of shape? Losing weight, inches,or fat? Do you want to gain stamina or strength? Walk a mile or run a marathon? You see something  general like getting in shape has many aspects. With better vision or knowing exactly  what you want, will give you a better out come.

For instance if weight loss is your goal. First find a healthy program. Then decide on a good goal weight. Break the weight goal into smaller  more manageable goals. An example would be if you wanted to lose 30 pounds try losing a pound per week or about 5 pounds per month. Having a good plan like a good map will get you there. However if your plan was to lose 30 pounds in two months or didn’t give your self smaller attainable goals along the way you are setting your self up for failure. Which means you will  be making a resolution to lose 40 pounds in 2013!

Get focused on what you want, research and plan. Set up small attainable goals along the way and this time next year you’ll be envisioning a new goal instead of revisiting the same wish!



PS, If you need any help on goal setting please feel free to contact me via the comment section…

Oh BTW my fitness goals for 2012 attain my sixth dan in American Martial Arts and Run a half marathon…


The Extra Mile…

How  many of us are willing to go the extra mile for what we want? I mean really want not going to the Walmart in the next town because the one in your town is out of the 8G I Touch!  How many of us are willing to sacrifice sleep, recreation, security (meaning leaving a job), a bad relationship, physical pain, and any number of the excuses we give ourselves for not being where we want to be?  What’s holding us back? Fear or laziness?Why is it the extra mile is never crowded? Why is it we all have abilities and talents that we don’t use? Fear or Laziness?

I’m guessing successful people aren’t controlled by fear or laziness… Because no matter how I look at this it comes down to being Willing to give it ALL and that my friends is a wager too many of us are afraid to back…

If you’re looking for me I’ll be heading down the road an “Extra Mile or so”…



It’s Not Just Waiting…

“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait,” we’ve all heard that phrase at least once in our lives.  While delayed gratification is an important aspect for future success. We need to be  actively involved with implementing a well conceived plan. Too many of us are lulled into thinking and wishing for “Good Things”… Believing in ourselves is important but not nearly as important as taking action on a belief.  The best thing we can do for ourselves and for others is to find the proper balance in planning and working on our goals. Planning without acting and acting without planning are two of the biggest causes of mediocrity. Treading water never won the Olympics!

Challenge yourself, set a goal, write a plan and take action!









Shouldha, Couldha, Wouldha…

Hindsight is 20/20! How many things in our lives fall under should have, could have or would have? We can regret not making or making certain decisions but that won’t change where we are today. A wise man once said we are where we are supposed to be!  Second guessing past decisions are a waste of time. If you are dissatisfied with an area or areas of your life and you wish they were different – Change!  Change can’t happen on its own or by wanting it to. Change only occurs when we take action. So if you’re dissatisfied with something start taking small steps toward changing. Decide what you want,then take one small action everyday toward that change.  That is the only way to get onto a different path is move in another direction. Try not to get discouraged if things don’t turn around right away. Remind yourself how long it took you to get where you are and how long you’ve been this way. (example your weight) I’m sure x amount of pounds didn’t appear over night!  Give your self sometime to lose the weight, or what ever you’re changing.

Good luck, and take some action!




Raising The Bar…

Reaching expectations is probably the greatest lesson a teacher can share. To prevent a student from accepting mediocrity as an outcome can be  life changing. It is up to us as parents, teachers and mentors to give the next generation the tools it needs to succeed in life. This was what I witnessed today, with my school’s Demo Team. After “Raising The Bar” to where I believed they should be, and not accepting good as good enough. They were able to work beyond their expectations and perform at a level they can be proud of. They didn’t just show up they were the show!

We need to understand that when we allow ourselves or others to lower  standards our quality of life will be lowered as well. It is my belief that this could be our greatest failure as a generation and a nation. It is up to us to expect better from ourselves before we ask it of anyone else.

The greatest danger

for most of us

is not that our aim is

too high

and we miss it,

but that it is

too low

and we reach it.

Michael Angelo.