Running Unburdened

Today’s run shouldn’t have been so easy. I’m fighting a cold, I started out much later than I normally do, there was a stiff northwest breeze, yesterday my legs felt like rigor mortis set in… But it was Friday and I was scheduled to do at least two so I figured I’d give it a shot and if worst came to worst I would walk. After a quick warm up I set out to my usual neighborhood run and my legs felt good, the wind was a bit of an annoyance but it wasn’t always a factor. I was able to maintain a steady comfortable pace even during the uphill portions. I was flummoxed I thought this was going to be a struggle, instead it was one of my easiest runs I’ve had in a while.

The whole time I was running I was analyzing why I was feeling this way and why wasn’t this hard. Then I realized I didn’t set any big expectations on myself I was setting out just to run or walk. Not to beat a time or feel one way or another. In part this was also due to the fact, that I’ve become more honest with myself and others in my life about what I can and cannot do. Life took a hard left a couple of months ago and my already busy life had a lot more responsibilities added. Admittedly I was a bit unnerved by all this, until I started realizing I could only control what was in front of me. I couldn’t change the past or act in the future all I have is here and now. I recently heard a quote by Abraham Lincoln that goes,” Luckily the future comes one day at a time.” That simple quote has given me new perspective, the same sort of perspective I get from running one step at a time and you get to where you’re going. I can’t let my sense of responsibility over burden me with guilt. I’m only one person with two hands, and an all too willing heart. By learning to let my limits be known I’m able to get more done for everyone, but more importantly, easily …

Inch By Inch…

I’m a big picture kinda gal. I like to review the whole and work backwards toward the end. This is a a great way to goal set but it often gets me to a state of anxiety. For example; my tiny little condo apartment needs an overhaul. I can see what needs to be done and have budgeted for it but for the past three years keep putting it off! Why because I can’t stand the chaos!The thought of creating a huge mess,screwing up my schedule,interfering with my cats and my sanity, is overwhelming!

It was that thought I took with me on my latest training run. I reviewed all the pros and cons of the “big project” and then it hit me make this project a lot of small projects! (You’re all laughing), sometimes I and I guess we psyche ourselves out of doing something because we’re afraid of the time,money or in my case chaos of a goal. ¬†Which is understandable challenges are meant to make us grow.

So whenever I have to paint a room, balance quickbooks or run a 5k my approach will be inch by inch!

Gotta go pick out paint,