Happiness Is

One of the most iconic phrases from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts comic is “Happiness is a warm puppy.” That phrase just popped into my head, during a walk yesterday, which got me to thinking about all the “warm puppy” moments in my life, so I decided to list a few that are running related.

Happiness is; a new pair of running shoes that feel like an old pair of running shoes – The first run after being snowed in all winter, running with a friend, running with 1000 or more strangers and running alone, finding an undiscovered route, Spring and Fall colors and light, running at dawn, running while the sunsets, running on a beach, a wooded path, up hill or down hill, when your favorite song comes on at the exact same time your legs get weary or the hill gets steep, long runs or short jogs – Happiness is RUNNING!