This thought came about not from running, but from running around.  I’m like everyone else I get easily caught up in the “to dos” of the season and often forget the reason for the season.

These past weeks I’ve been running around trying to do everything. I have parents who are aging and who are slowing down and have been a bit under the weather with seasonal maladies, a business that requires a lot of my time and energies and a home of my own that I share with two neurotic cats that also require attention. I’m sure everyone reading this can relate in some way, especially caregivers who put everyone and everything ahead of themselves.

With all the running around I’ve found little time to rest, run and reflect. Yesterday a teacher of mine gave me an AA acronym H.A.L.T (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) states that lead an addict off the path of sobriety, they also effect everyone in various ways. I find myself getting very irritable and on the edge of tears and or an angry outburst. My back aches both physically and metaphorically from the burdens I’ve taken on (mostly of my own volition). It is said that being aware of the problem is the first step to recovering – Today I’m taking steps; I will be more aware of when and what I eat – I will take time to work out to destress and work out angst – I will talk to friends and I will get rest. Small steps  but positive ones.

Now to get back to running instead of running around!



Role Reversals…

One of the ironies of growing older are the changes in relationships with our parents. There are role reversals like taking them to the doctors, switching holiday duties, worrying about them driving at night, and becoming their advocate…

It begins gradually, like with switching where Thanksgiving is going to be, or having to drive them at the night. It’s a scary blessing – You have the privalege of being there for them like they were for you. Yet its a constant reminder that time has and is passing for you and them…

The only constant in life is change, we can try to resist it or we can welcome it. I prefer to enjoy these precious times with my mother sharing duties and learning family traditions…

My only hope with these role reversals is that I’m half as good a caregiver as she was to me…



End Of The Season – Not The Attitude…

All the decorations are put away, the tree is down and the last of it’s needles have been vacuumed. I guess you can say the Christmas Season is officially over (at my house).

However, the attitude can remain – Not the pushy get out of my way, I’m in a hurry sort, but the original intention of peace, and goodwill. I’m going to do my best to keep Christmas in my heart… I’ve placed two small reminders in my house. One is a snow globe  music box with  St. Nicholas. The other is a small snow globe that was a gift from a friend, which depicts the warmth of friendship.

I believe we can achieve, anything we want as long as we’re willing to give it first. So I may not be going about wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, but have a good day, might be just as nice…

Have a good day everyone,


Left Overs…

Well the day after Thanksgiving is usually about spending too much money (but look how much I saved) and eating left overs… Since Black Friday means nothing to me I’ll go with the left overs.

Today there was left over food and left over work. The food will be eaten and the work was almost completed but there are the residual thank you notices or thoughts.

Traditionally I use this weekend to write out my Christmas cards (OOPS how un P.C. of me) I said Christmas, oops wrote Christmas! Yikes I hope this doesn’t go on my permanent record!

I digress, I write Christmas Cards because it’s the perfect time to remember each individual. To recall what they mean to me. Sappy I know but it is my way of getting into the true spirit of the season and I don’t get up at midnight to do it!


Happy Holidays



Giving not GIFTING, that’s what the holidays are about…

Volunteering your time to a soup kitchen or food pantry – Lending a hand to an elder – Spending time not money on your children – Being present with yourself and your higher power – Appreciating your talents by sharing them. These are the true gifts of the season and you won’t find them on sale black Friday – They are to precious and rare!


Go out and hug someone!




As we speed ahead toward the holiday season. Let’s stop for a moment and take time to be thankful. I believe there’s a holiday that celebrates being grateful, but we don’t even take the time to acknowledge Thanksgiving anymore.  It’s just not profitable for business or for consumers. I mean how can you compare a turkey dinner to a tinsel laden tree with an ipad underneath?

Have we let our greed and over consumption taken over what moves us? I for one believe we should enjoy the holidays one at a time celebrate each for what they represent. First with Thanksgiving BE GRATEFUL for what has transpired this year good and bad. Both had something to offer us. Be appreciative for the things we have not resentful for what we don’t have. Feel blessed for the love of family, friends and furry friends because they are blessings.

Be here Now and recognize each moment as one of a kind, each interaction as special and each breath as a miracle – For all of this I am Truly Thankful