Best and Worst of Times and Ourselves…

After Finding Nemo, or better put Nemo AKA Blizzard of 2013 finding me, I thought I’d share some insights about the storm and the people who dealt with the storm…

First the Weather Media and Worst; Name really Nemo a disabled clown fish for a winter storm? Couldn’t they have come up with a powerful Nordic name? Secondly their utter lack of respect for the state of Rhode Island (Weather Channel) FYI we are not part of New York!  The Best for Weather local RI guys were spot on giving us accurate and up to date information everyone benefitted from it.

Second Government; local and state crews and contracted crews did their utmost in preparing the roads and police and national guard assisted in maintaing safety along with fire and rescue. However our Governor chose to stay home instead of taking charge from the emergency management center.

Third we the people; took time to check on neighbors assist with clearing and shoveling and sharing heat and food. When we first took to the roads recognized there wasn’t any traffic signals and drove cautiously and courteously. Then the roads were clearing and traffic signals returned and the rush was on once again! The same neighbors you had lengthy conversations with, now receive a nod of the head and a quick wave of the hand.

Fourth personal insights; from my perspective blizzard trumps hurricane (from where I live).  A night storm is far scarier than one during the day! Cold is far worse during the night but having blankets and two warm cats makes it bearable. You can get sick of eating cookies and apple brownies. Television and computers are missed but not necessary for survival. In fact after the television was on for thirty minutes I was asking myself what did I miss? Social Media via and iPhone makes you feel less alone and more informed. Quiet and darkness can be your friends if you pay attention to they have much to teach.

Things I missed most without the power/heat; hot coffee, a hot shower and a warm toilet seat!

Things I miss most with power and heat, the sound of silence, a slower pace and the sense of community….


New Insights…

Today I was working on one of my essays for my sixth dan test; Describe your journey from fifth dan to sixth dan. To those of you unfamiliar with the time span of black belt dans or degrees it has been five years since my fifth dan test.

So there I was sitting at my work PC chuckling to myself how the hell do I condense five years of living into an essay answer? After pondering for what seemed like an hour I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. Detailing what had been one of the biggest growth periods of my adult life – Except I hadn’t realized it until that moment.

It never ceases to amaze me how writing about your self wether journaling, blogging, a resume or an essay question makes your experience real. It takes it out of the subconscious or your memory and makes you see it in black and white. This is where truths are often found and lessons learned or at least reinforced.