Our Best Selves

“I’ve been lately thinking about my life’s time”; from John Denver’s Poems Prayers and Promises is one of, if not my favorite line from a song. It seems I’ve been doing a lot of that lately and today even more so as I’m supposed to be writing a few words for a youth black belt graduation.

Much has happened, in these past weeks, in my life and at my school. Which is probably why I’ve been erratic with my posts. Personally I’ve been preparing for a half marathon, and traveling west to visit family and to attend my nephew’s wedding. There’s also been a lot at the school; belt testing, including youth black belt, preparing the school for my absence, and the usual day-to-day activities of a martial art school. However the greatest impact has been the loss of too many people I’ve known either personally or through my school.

I realize that we are closing in on the end of a decade and typically these are transitional periods. Which makes me reflect deeper, not just about the lives we’ve lost, but what am I supposed to be learning? Is it just to appreciate more (stop and smell the roses) or does it go deeper? Am I supposed to be contributing more? Leading an exemplary life?

I take teaching others seriously–Martial arts instruction is more than physical. I’m hoping to relay that tonight in my words to the people attending the graduation, but more than that, I need to help people to realize that the most important thing we can do or teach is to be our best selves…

“The days they pass so quickly now.” Hopefully we can find the time to talk of “Poems, Prayers and Promises”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor my old classmate Tricia, for the EBMA parent Michael, and for my friend Ron, til we meet again.

Run on,


Fifty Five…

“The days they pass so quickly now nights are seldom long” Opening lines of the second verse of John Denver’s Poems Prayers and Promises. Pretty much describes life  at fifty… Today I turned fifty-five, how that happened is still a mystery to me! Being fifty-five isn’t nearly as scary as getting here and not realizing how!

I’ve never really thought about age as a number and truthfully the only age that bothered me was thirty-five. There is something about the fives – Mid decade that always gives me pause. I guess it’s a place to reflect on the decade you’re in and the one that’s approaching. There has been a lot of reflection these past few days on living a Good Life – Not in the “Jet Set” fashion, but being good and doing good. Leaving this planet better than you found it. My hope is to do that until I breathe my last breath…

As for today, I celebrated with the people who are closest to me, whether it was by phone, facebook or over a steak dinner. I am blessed with their presence – Life is made special by the people in it…

here is to another forty-five, I planning on 100!