Have you ever had a streak of days, weeks or months when one minor disaster occurs after another? Are those incidents usually related? For instance health, auto or home?

Funny looking at the last question makes this sound like a blog post on insurance! It’s not, its about how we sometimes get ourselves in these weird karma loops. For example me and automobiles; I trade a perfectly fine car in because of an issue with my hip what follows could be fallow for a sitcom! I buy a new car, new car has a manufacturing issue. While waiting for repair rental car dies. While trying to restart rental injure shoulder. Dead rental towed away, replacement rental brought. Two hours later replacement rental involved in minor accident. One week later new car fixed. Which brings us to today ten days with the repaired new car and tire goes flat!

So I pose these questions; is there a patron saint for new cars? Are there any other known cures for chronic bad CARMA?

Just asking,



Leaving Fingerprints…

We touch and are touched by many people in our lives. Only but few will leave “fingerprints” – A lasting impression… I’ve been on the receiving end and my guess is I’ve been on the leaving end as well.

First, what we put out in life is what we generally get back. If this karmic philosophy is true, then a couple of people who touched my life this week are in for lots of good. I’m not at ease accepting kindness and or favors (I like to be the giver). So it takes a while for me to let go of the “controls” and go with the flow if you will. In doing this I’ve learned about my role in someone else’s life and accepted my karmic reward.

In the leaving an impression; We often hope we make a difference but when you see a lesson or a truth that you’ve been trying to teach finally make a break through in someone’s life your heart fills with joy. Not ego satisfaction, but the knowing that you aided another to find a piece of themselves and now they can grow! There is no greater gift to a teacher nor is there a greater lesson for the teacher…