Pace and Patience

If I had to claim a super power it would be “learning pace”. It doesn’t matter if I’m working on my golf swing, new yoga positions, running or martial arts, I practice Pace and Patience.  Recently I witnessed the opposite at the driving range while I was working my short clubs to start the season another golfer… Continue reading Pace and Patience

School Is In Session…

I’m in a good space right now. When I’m like this I notice things — I become aware. I find lessons in everything, from driving to work, to switching my seasonal wardrobe. There are literally hundreds of lessons every week in my universal classroom. There are subtle messages from the TV I watch (not the Madison… Continue reading School Is In Session…

So Far So Grateful…

A few blogs back I wrote that was going to keep a gratitude journal. Here are a few surprising entries; Dirt (I’m somewhat phobic) but after my “gardening” experience yesterday I’ve become more grateful for the earth’s dirt. Traffic (tung in cheek) it’s teaching me patience and ultimately I’m not in charge of my arrival. There are… Continue reading So Far So Grateful…

We’re All In It Together…

Every once in a while I sit back and review how I got here from there… It never ceases to amaze me how many people have shared and are sharing my path. These people wear many disguises, and have been physically, spiritually and even metaphorically a part of my life and who I am… There… Continue reading We’re All In It Together…

When The Rubber Hits The Road…

There’s an old song I love called I’ve Stayed Too Long At The Fair.  It always reminds me of when its time to move away to or from something. Everyday is about growth and that growth leads us toward another phase of our lives – Or it should. Just like we outgrew diapers and third… Continue reading When The Rubber Hits The Road…

Leaving Fingerprints…

We touch and are touched by many people in our lives. Only but few will leave “fingerprints” – A lasting impression… I’ve been on the receiving end and my guess is I’ve been on the leaving end as well. First, what we put out in life is what we generally get back. If this karmic… Continue reading Leaving Fingerprints…

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