Tao of Cat

This morning I took notice of my cat Sage’s approach on obtaining the “window seat” (a chair in front of the window). This spot is predominately occupied my tuxedo cat Gracie, however this morning Sage had a desire to lay there.  I watched how Sage carefully approached the chair mindful that Gracie was watching her from the windowsill. Once Sage got to the chair the inevitable happened she was hissed away by “the boss”. Un daunted and following the “Way” Sage stayed low and found a quiet spot in the hall. After thirty minutes passed I noticed Sage was sleeping comfortably on the “Window Seat” Gracie was asleep in a patch of sunlight not far off!

Sage knew there would be another opportunity to use the chair, she didn’t fight for it she followed the principle of non-resistance choosing peace, then allowing the universe to take its course she manifested her presence on the chair!

I’ve learned yet another lesson from my aptly named cat; conflict doesn’t resolve anything! I will try to remember this while seeking my place in the sun!




Did You Hear Yourself?

To teach is to learn twice. That was one of the first lessons taught to me as I embarked on my path of teaching… It is a lesson I share with my staff and students who wish to be teachers and it is one I’m conscious of every time I step on the mat – Like today. I was teaching a private lesson to an intermediate adult student. The physical or martial art lesson was forms. The philosophical or spiritual lesson was about letting go and just doing…

The Universe, Devine Conciousness or God (insert your preference) has a great sense of humor. While I was explaining the lesson behind the exercise, I began listening to what I was saying. Then I thought I heard another small voice saying,”Did you hear yourself?”  That’s when it struck me! No not hearing voices,but hearing my own voice. It was like reading instructions aloud so you can see and hear, therefore learn better!

Then it occurred to me. The Universe was using one lesson to teach two souls! I was only the mouthpiece… By the way dear Universe I did hear myself. My only question is should I only charge my student for a semi-private class?




I’m spending a rare evening at home. Most nights I’m at my martial arts school. Some of you might think this was where I work, on the contrary its where I DO my work… Sitting at this computer gives me a whole different perspective of what my life is about; Its about service. Helping others learn how to set and reach goals gives me great pleasure. To have students gain confidence with each level inspires me to provide more energy and passion into what I teach and how I teach.

I also know as a master teacher that I must teach by example, to train how I want my students to train. So as I sit here reviewing my upcoming sixth dan exam I’ve come to realize the exam is not only a test of my martial art skills but a lesson for my students…



Tripping Over My Own Feet…

I can hear my mother saying, “You’ll never learn.”  I believe she may be right – Especially when it comes to over doing…

Seems I can never just train, I have to train like a mad woman. Working on one fundraising effort is never enough how about three! Overbooked and under rested can only lead to one thing… Dis-ease! Thankfully it seems like it will be nothing but a nuisance!

In reality it is the result of a repeated pattern of over stressing myself and not paying attention. How many other times am I going to trip over my own feet?  I guess it depends if and when I’ll ever learn…


New Insights…

Today I was working on one of my essays for my sixth dan test; Describe your journey from fifth dan to sixth dan. To those of you unfamiliar with the time span of black belt dans or degrees it has been five years since my fifth dan test.

So there I was sitting at my work PC chuckling to myself how the hell do I condense five years of living into an essay answer? After pondering for what seemed like an hour I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. Detailing what had been one of the biggest growth periods of my adult life – Except I hadn’t realized it until that moment.

It never ceases to amaze me how writing about your self wether journaling, blogging, a resume or an essay question makes your experience real. It takes it out of the subconscious or your memory and makes you see it in black and white. This is where truths are often found and lessons learned or at least reinforced.




Potential is our greatest resource and our most difficult challenge. Speaking from the perspective of a teacher our most important job is to recognize and develop potential.Its unfortunate the so called modern educational system hasn’t allowed teachers to do their most important work. Challenging  students to reach their individual potential. Instead they’re forced to focus lesson plans that will allow students to  score well on standardized tests!

Which makes me wonder what would have happened if Mozart, Einstein, Franklin, Ford, and Edison had to go through this methodology? With that said how much potential is being lost or buried do to this ridiculous system? How many educators are leaving because they no longer feel fulfilled? What is our future if we are unable to have a generation that can’t think outside the “standard?”

The potential is there. The question is who’s going to find it?