Winter; One

I’m not a fan of winter, most who know me are probably tired of my incessant whining. I’m fond of saying, ” this is what I like about winter”_______ and say nothing. Today I’ll admit to liking one thing…

After spending a good portion of the day in my PJ’s I was summoned out by the condo chairman to move my car. (we have this game, move cars from lot to lot so they can plow ) During one of these sessions it dawned on me that this is probably one of the few times that I see my neighbors. We converse (mostly about moving to AZ, Fl or Calif), we help each other cleaning and moving cars. Then a few of us peek in on our senior residents and then clean off their cars.

This brief sense of community makes ┬áthe chore of being in the cold and damp almost bearable… So there you have it One thing about winter.


Stay Warm,