Sunrise Run

Today was the day for the Pell Bridge Run ( the infamous bridge on the RI State quarter). The weather cooperated nicely, temps in the low 50’s with overcast skies, the wind was between 10 and 15mph. I was awake at 4am and out of the house at 5am (I know crazy), it was so peaceful driving into Newport it gave me plenty of time to gather my thoughts on why I love this run so much. First there’s the novelty of running over a two mile bridge toward one of the most historic seaports in the world – With the sunrising behind it no less! Add in the fact that it takes place on Veterans Day weekend, running with countless service men and woman not to mention the veterans is a privilege, and a great opportunity for me to thank them for their service. Makes this a must run, for me every year!

The course was adjusted so we ended at the yachting center, which meant I had to walk Thames Street back to my car. This was a great! I got to cool down my legs and literally walk down memory lane. Thames, is where my friends and I spent countless hours during our time at Newport Hospital School of Nursing. The shops were all closed and the street was quiet (for Newport) and it was a blissful and for a quick moment tear-filled walk. Frankly I don’t know if I was crying over my lost youth or just how overwhelmingly blessed I was feeling? My guess, it was a combination of both!

Till next year,


NPT from Jamestown



There are  so many types of friendships and all are important blessings in one way or another. Yet there is a special group of friends that share a very important part of life – The friends we made in college or in my case nursing school.

I went to Newport Hospital School of Nursing 1975-1978. Those were the years of first independence and my first taste of adulthood. We became men and woman together, developed our social consciousness and a taste for beer. We experienced life wearing rose-colored glasses and our hearts on our sleeves. We laughed (boy did we laugh) we loved and we learned about being a true friend. How to lean on someone you barely knew.

We were truly in it together. We shared the same dream, the same classes, the same jobs and  most of us lived together. I can’t think of a closer environment except for the military. This is why these people will always hold a very special place in my heart…

To quote Paul Simon ” A time it was, and what a time it was – A time of innocents a time of confidences.”