Oh, That’s Where…

It amazes me when the spirit and the person finally link up – I believe these are what Oprah refers to as “Ah-ha moments.” I experienced one of those yesterday. Ironically not in deep thought or meditation but, after arguing with the Sync System on my Ford Focus. When I finished shouting (which doesn’t work with computers, another Ah-ha moment) and settled back into driving I thought about the previous weekend. How I enjoyed Carolyn Myss, and how amazed I was to find out that she discovered spirituality at age eight. Then I recalled cleaning my closets and all the pictures, letters, and journals I revisited. Then it hit me (not another car) My Ah-ha!

Joyce Amaral, at a retreat sometime in the early 70’s she started me on my path to spirituality! Although Joyce was extremely devote (she became a nun) it was her spirit and her light that attracted me to the bigger picture – to seek my soul’s purpose.

Sadly Joyce died of Leukemia at a very young age, and I didn’t stay the straight and narrow Roman Catholic course. Eventually I was drawn to the Eastern philosophies and found they were a better fit for my soul’s curriculum. However I shall always be grateful to Joyce, for starting me on my path and I’m excited to finally realize where my souls searching began…

FYI the Sync is still out of Sync in a Focus of all things! How’s that for ironies!



Quick Thought…

As the title of my last post suggests, my life is a bit hectic at the moment. However I felt compelled to share a few quick thoughts with you. First if you haven’t discovered Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on OWN check it out! This week she had on Carolyn Myss and it was a fabulous interview. Here is my favorite quote from the show; “Have no judgement, no expectations, and give up the need to know what happens tomorrow.” ~ Carolyn Myss…  That my friends was only one of the many insightful thoughts of the interview. I’m seriously thinking of getting a notebook just for this show!

Second thought is something I shared with a colleague of mine; we are happiest when what we do is balanced with mind,body and spirit… I want to and will explore this in more detail in an upcoming blog.

Till then peace be yours,


Deep Listening…

This past Sunday I found myself once again immursed in another compelling Super Soul Sunday. Oprah’s guest was one of my spiritual heros Thich Nhat Hanh, the exiled Vietnamese monk. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote one of my favorite spiritual guides The Miracle of Mindfulness. During the interview he spoke of deep listening and listening with compassion.

This sentiment hit me hard and got me to think about how I listen. That one bit of awareness has been a part of my mind set for these past three days. I’ve been trying to be there without prejudging or responding with trite answers or advise. This isn’t as easy as it seems, for either party. I find the silent pauses have been uncomfortable. Its like we require the noisy rhetoric out of habit or to disguise our true hearts.

I’m unsure where this will lead me, but I know one thing I feel more honest with myself. I encourage you all to try the same… Maybe by truly listening we may learn to understand one an other… So breathe deeply and listen.


Leader Of The Band…

After a day immersed in Oprah’s Master Classes, and Super Soul Sunday, I’ve had a lot to digest. There were so many AHA moments, but two stuck with me while I was running. How Oprah explained all the synchronicity that lead to who she was. Second was her passion about teaching and making a difference. As I ran I tried to retrace my steps back to a seemingly insignificant moment that has molded me into the teacher I am today.

I don’t recall the year but I was either in seventh or eighth grade. My brother had come home from school asking my mother if he could take drum lessons (this was inevitable he drummed on everything since he was a toddler). Oh no I thought another way for him to get more attention than me! Really the only reason I decided to play an instrument was I was jealous of my younger brother. I asked my mother if I could also play an instrument. Knowing her favorite instrument was the saxophone that’s the one I chose. The only stipulation was that I had to play it until I graduated high school. Little did I know how this would impact my life forever. As you may have guessed jealousy is not a good foundation to start anything. Yet when I first got my sax I was excited and thought I squeaked and squawked through Twinkle ,Twinkle Little Star pretty well. After a month of group lessons my teacher thought I could use private lessons (you can imagine why). Mr. Roger Dietz my saxophone teacher and eventual high school band director was about to create a monster!

You’re probably thinking wow she got great at playing the saxophone – Hardly I got a first hand account on how to instill confidence. I was so afraid to make a mistake I could hardly play yet Mr. Dietz allowed me and others like me to be in the band. Knowing that if I could find my confidence and overcome my shyness I could eventually learn. That’s exactly what came to pass, when I found my confidence I was good enough for second or third chair. Yet the biggest gift was I found my voice. The band was a place where I felt accepted and a part of…

That beautiful being gave us all a voice, we had a wonderful band because we had a wonderful leader… A true leader of the band! Mr. Dietz, Uncle Roger , Your example lives on in the teacher I’ve become and  in the Martial Artists I teach!

Thank you, forever grateful,