Sunrise Run

Today was the day for the Pell Bridge Run ( the infamous bridge on the RI State quarter). The weather cooperated nicely, temps in the low 50’s with overcast skies, the wind was between 10 and 15mph. I was awake at 4am and out of the house at 5am (I know crazy), it was so peaceful driving into Newport it gave me plenty of time to gather my thoughts on why I love this run so much. First there’s the novelty of running over a two mile bridge toward one of the most historic seaports in the world – With the sunrising behind it no less! Add in the fact that it takes place on Veterans Day weekend, running with countless service men and woman not to mention the veterans is a privilege, and a great opportunity for me to thank them for their service. Makes this a must run, for me every year!

The course was adjusted so we ended at the yachting center, which meant I had to walk Thames Street back to my car. This was a great! I got to cool down my legs and literally walk down memory lane. Thames, is where my friends and I spent countless hours during our time at Newport Hospital School of Nursing. The shops were all closed and the street was quiet (for Newport) and it was a blissful and for a quick moment tear-filled walk. Frankly I don’t know if I was crying over my lost youth or just how overwhelmingly blessed I was feeling? My guess, it was a combination of both!

Till next year,


NPT from Jamestown



Anyone, of a certain age remembers Carly Simon’s song Anticipation or the commercial version for Heinz Ketchup commercials. ¬†Well that song is running wildly through my brain right now as I prepare for one of my favorite road races this weekend. The Pell Bridge Run (the budge depicted on Rhode Island’s quarter). This is one of the most unique races around; first it is four miles, secondly 90% of it takes place on a bridge, thirdly it starts at 6:15am! What an incredible view as you run eastward toward Newport from Jamestown the sun rising over the historic city. This run is full of beautiful imagery and is pure enchainment.

So Anticipation you’re making me wait. Count down three days and counting!

Any races you have this same affection and level of excitement for? Then please share!

NPT Skyline

Run To The Past…

Those of you who run know that no two runs are alike. Each run has its own story (which is why I started this blog). Today’s run was incredibly memorable on all levels. I participated in the Pell Bridge Run (for non Rhode Islanders it’s a bridge that connects the city of Newport to the town of Jamestown). The run is unusual in a few ways, first it starts at 6:30am, you are shuttled from Newport to Jamestown for the start, and the distance is 4miles. So when I first saw this race pop up on in my email I found it both intriguing because it was different and a challenge to run (a lovely incline). I registered immediately without hesitation. When I spoke about it to a few friends who also run they didn’t seem to be inclined to be at a race for a 5am bus ride to Jamestown!

I was up before the sun, 3:45am! Drove to Newport and stood in line with the rest of the sleepy excited participants. Once I arrived in Jamestown and saw the bridge all lit up I knew this was going to be a day to remember. It was a story Dickens could’ve penned! It started with me running into a parent of a student present, then as if on cue a parent of a student past (recent past). After conversing with the mom’s I got in line with the rest of the racers and we were off…

The first part of the race was about maneuvering through the heard of runners. As we approached the bridge the dawn was breaking and the light was amazing and it started to feel surreal, like I was in a dream. It wasn’t until I reached the crest of the bridge that it hit me! I was running to my past. It was a scene out of Heaven Can Wait – From the top of the bridge I looked down through the braking dawn to the silhouette of Newport. Where I came of age at Newport Hospital School of Nursing. It was no longer 2012 but 1978 this where my iTunes kicked in with Forever Young!

The decent from the bridge was tear-filled as memories flooded my mind, the familiar places, reminding me of the special people and events that helped shape me into who I am today… It was a dream in which I was fully awake! It was good to go home again…

What a gift!