Stepping Back…

Stepping back is a technique I use with my photography to adjust or check my perspective on the subject I’m photographing. It is also something I’m trying to incorporate into my daily life.

I’m finding taking sometime from a situation or a decision, whether it is a moment or a week. Gives me a clearer vision of what to do next. Especially now when hundreds of decisions have to be made in a short time frame. It also helps me control how I’m going to respond to the situation. I feel better prepared and more in control – Even when I have no control. I can control my emotions and how I feel.

I have a dear friend who’s fond of saying ,”Breathe” when things get too stressful. To that sound advice I’d like to add “Step Back and Breathe”.





The proper frame can give an ordinary photograph or painting more depth and substance. On the other hand a poorly framed photograph can lose depth and substance. What am I getting at? Why am I so interested in framing?

I’m not interested in writing about framing photographs (although I enjoy framing photographs). I’m speaking metaphorically, I’m referring to  how we “frame” our thoughts and or beliefs. How our  view on a subject can either create depth or lose substance depending on our perspective. For example, I was informed today that I’m to be tested for my 6th Dan in February. On one hand I could view this as a challenge that my body no longer wants to endure. After all I’m 54 with a number of minor nagging complaints. Do I really need to aggravate these injuries?  On the other hand this is an honor and an opportunity for me to learn to push myself with in my limits and to be an example to my students.

Which leaves me to wonder how many times I’ll be reframing my view from now and until February? I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long winter!