The Long Road…

I completed my second half-marathon yesterday, and I’ve gained some new insights…

First thirteen plus miles is a long way to run, no matter how fast you go. Secondly practice may not make perfect but it makes you more proficient ( I took nearly twenty minutes off my last year’s time), granted when you’re slow it is easy to make big improvements. However improvements are never made if we don’t make the effort.

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Life is difficult, there are challenges far greater than running a long distance. People are struggling with health, family and emotional issues everyday. But if we take control of what is in our immediate control and work on improving even one small aspect of ourselves. We can gain the confidence to go beyond our comfort zone.

If you had told me two years ago that I would be running in long distance races. Contemplating on running in races out of my immediate area. I would have laughed. Yet I’m doing just that — Running a half-marathon was to be a one-off something to mark my sixtieth birthday. Then something wonderful happened along the way, running/slogging long distances made me more centered, it made me happy. Whether it was being out in nature, away from a screen, or the ample physical and health benefits. Running made me better and apparently the more I’ve trained the better I’ve gotten.

Yes, it’s been a long road from alternating running and walking between telephone poles. Finally being able to slog a mile without stopping, then running a full 5k and now running a half marathon where I felt good afterward! Taking that first step and following through to some 30,000 steps to yesterday’s finish line has taught me I can reach a goal if I’m willing to put in the work.

I hope I can be an example to the students I teach, that it takes more than wishing to reach a goal. It takes commitment and hard work. Who knows maybe I will inspire someone to take a step on the long road to wherever …

Pace and Patience

If I had to claim a super power it would be “learning pace”. It doesn’t matter if I’m working on my golf swing, new yoga positions, running or martial arts, I practice Pace and Patience.  Recently I witnessed the opposite at the driving range while I was working my short clubs to start the season another golfer was butchering the ball with his driver, so much so I was hitting the ball further with an eight iron. To be honest the gentleman was probably a new golfer still with that said it’s hard to believe he will be successful if he continues to choose this method of practice.

I’ve seen the same thing in running a 5k so many runners start out fast trying to maintain the pace of the frontrunners, while I pace my self right from the start. I eventually pass all those runners.

This blog post isn’t meant to tout my golf or running, but to make a point that skill and knowledge are obtained through pace and patience or Slow and Steady wins the Race, call me tortoise, my super alias…


Dojo To Myself…

I’m a martial artist first a runner second… Sundays are very special for me. After a week of sharing my dojo with students,staff, and visitors, I get to have the floor to myself!

I get to practice and be one with my art, in my space – Like running it is individual effort that can be shared with others. Yet when practiced on your own it becomes moving meditation a place where you find peace and a piece of yourself…

I hope you all have a sacred space where you can experience your heart’s desire and freedom for your soul… I’m blessed to have my dojo and where ever my running shoes take me!




Eye On The Ball…

Let me quantify this with I’m  a horrible golfer! I have very little time to commit to the kind of practice that makes you functional, let alone good. Yet I appreciate the things this game and practice teaches. The repetitions required to hit a ball with drivers,woods, irons,wedges and the most temperamental club the putter, are insane! I’ve had the rare occasion to hit a ball correctly in the midst of a thousand hit incorrectly!

The game requires both patience and fearlessness, the exact qualities needed in life! I love getting a small bucket and focusing on one ball at a time. Hitting them as best I can adjusting and readjusting my approach and swing as needed. I like to use this as an approach to problems or anything that life brings up. One challenge at a time adjust and readjust your approach, and swing away!

Keep your eye on the ball,


Practice What You Study/Study What You Practice…

I was reading a post from the Dalai Lama recently on practice and study. I believe it was in reference to Buddhism, but it can be applied to just about everything.

For example a gym rat, someone who’s in the gym constantly working out (practitioner) vs. a fitness geek who has all the statistical analysis for each machine but seldom works out (Student).  Both only have a partial view of the whole picture.

We can say the same for ourselves, many of us are trying to find our way through various modalities such as therapy, and religion. While many of us just go on with the business of life. Living every day doing the same thing the same way and hoping things will change.

Life and finding our way is like everything else, it’s all a balancing act! We need to find our fulcrum point  where we can grow from who we are and with what we’ve learned… We can’t be whole or find peace until we put into practice what we know…





Single Focus…

I’m at the other end of the spectrum from yesterday – Running Thoughts to Single Focus . Yet isn’t that how life goes?  Each day takes on its’ own theme. Today’s thoughts came from thirty single focused minutes with a seven wood at the driving range.

Anyone who’s ever attempted to play the game of golf knows that it is the most frustrating and exasperating way to spend a day. There are too many reason to explain why this is true. If you don’t believe me ask someone who’s played or watch a match on television. Even the world’s greatest golfers can’t master a perfect shot each and every attempt. However they do it ninety-five percent of the time, conversely a hacker such as myself is happy to hit a great shot five percent of the time! Which is why I was at the driving range PRACTICE… Call me crazy but I love to practice! I enjoy the single minded focus of perfecting one element. It is another form of moving meditation in the same way martial arts and running are for me. Whether it’s improving my endurance, a kata or a golf swing,  I’m in a zone when I practice. My only thought is the outcome of that practice. So what’s the big deal? I hear you saying, my AHA moment today; If I treat living like a practice session for (fill in your own) wouldn’t I be at peace more often?

It’s worth a try, so what are you waiting for? Go PRACTICE…