Wait Management

Or how to avoid living an unfulfilling life;

I’ve been away for quite the while–I’ve got no answer as to why, maybe I just wasn’t compelled to write. I’ve continued to run routinely, entered in a few races and I’m still enjoying running’s many benefits. I guess I had the need to keep certain thoughts and feelings to my self. This past year I’ve witnessed a good deal of loss, and changes. I needed time to work these things through before I could write my thoughts and share them with you.

As I said 2018 and 2019 has been difficult, I’ve lost friends, had friends lose spouses, pets, and jobs. Some of my friends battled various serious illnesses, some won others didn’t. Generally change is not unusual at the end of a decade there seems to be more loss, and change for everyone during this period (out with the old in with the new). During all the added stress life went on, we went to work, paid the bills and got ready to do it again each and everyday.

Some may call this a rut, I call it poor wait management. Let me clarify this with an explanation that will hopefully provide perspective. About this time a year ago the younger brother of one of my students was diagnosed with bone cancer. Nothing seem to go his way, and despite, incredible treatment, and support from his family he passed away this past Wednesday at the age of 11. I bring this up as a not so subtle reminder that everyday is precious. We can’t think that illness only comes when we are old. You have to live proactively not reactively.

I have a bracelet that has the word Purpose on it to remind me to live with purpose every moment. My purpose is to share my experiences, to help people grow, to help others, to spread kindness, to create laughter, to learn to experience life fully the good and the bad.

So if you’re waiting for the right man/woman to complete you know you are a complete man or woman. Perhaps you’re waiting for children to leave home before you start working on your dream–you maybe waiting until they’re 50, can you wait that long? You may want to be starting a new career or business but the economic climate is wrong. There are as many waiting scenarios as there are people procreating. I’m here to say don’t wait! The only time we have is this moment, you need to take action NOW! No one is promised tomorrow.

We only regret what we never tried–not what we did! Manage your wait, ask yourself what is the dream? What is my purpose? If you’re having difficulty determining a goal go for a run, I hear there’s a lot of thoughts during a run…

Hug someone, tell someone you love them, call an old friend and keep the young boy I mentioned in your thoughts any time you think you have more time…

Run on,


Season of Change…

Spring for me is a season filled with mixed emotions. It is a season of growth and renewal, which are exciting and daunting at the same time. I’m always excited about the prospect of changes but I also fear change. Especially the changes seemingly out of my control. It is this very concept that has mired me in procrastination, which ultimately has hindered my growth and my potential. I know I’m not alone in this vicious cycle of want and fear, but how do we get out how do wechange”?

While I don’t have any definitive answers, I have a few guesses; “Put one foot in front of the other and Follow the Yellow Brick Road”.  Classic song advice from Santa Clause is Coming to Town and The Wizard of OZ. While neither of these catchy tunes are deep in a philosophical sense they are rich in practical advice. They are also uplifting and that makes them less scary…

So as I ponder this season of change and face my fears, I will whistle a happy tune as I put one foot in front of the other while I navigate the Yellow Brick Road…

Here’s hoping all your changes are for the good,


Painting Lesson…

Past blogs may have enlightened you to my present burst of home improvement mania… Trying to maintain momentum in this project I “encouraged” myself into an hour of ceiling painting.

Mind you daily yoga, bi-monthly massage, and quarterly chiropractic has me conditioned for one to three hours of painting once or twice a week. Physical condition aside – The reason it’s taken me eighteen years to redo this condo is I despise  disorder. Am I a control freak? Yes! Yet this long over due project has taught me patience, and an appreciation for my own labor. My condo is slowly coming into shape. Becoming a home I not only live in, but look forward to being in…

What took me so long to get started? Procrastination, which is nothing but fear stalling life… Now that I’ve moved beyond that fear, I’m free to recreate my home and more importantly, me…




Here and now, Today it is all we have. Yet some live like we have no limits. I’m not referring to adventure seekers, they are living full out because they know the ride ends one day. I’m talking about procrastinators, who live for tomorrow… Putting off joy, adventure , life and living for what? I have no idea.

I’m sure it’s because of fear.  Wether its fear of failure, success or the unknown. What ever the  cause, procrastinators waste today and live for tomorrow…Except its always today!

The only cure is to get out and do something anything! What have you put off? How are you going to feel after you accomplished that chore, phone call, work out, interview, what ever… Just Do It!

Come and join the living, Today!