Change of Season

Today at 12:57pm marks the official start of Spring, one that has been too long in coming for those of us who’ve had to endure the wrath of the winter of 2014.

Living in New England affords us with the opportunity to “enjoy” four seasons (in my case three). Growing up summer was always my favorite there was more freedom to explore childhood. The days were endless and always filled with fun and adventure.

New England is a mecca for autumn and it’s panoramic colored views of fall foliage, and I enjoy this time of harvest fairs and color. The start of school and football season are also hallmarks of the special time of the year.

Winter for me is like a bad relationship, it starts off wonderful with celebration and gifts and ends badly with cold dark tedium and angry storms that leave your heart cold and your soul looking for redemption.

Then comes spring, (which has become my favorite) life become light again, there’s hope things will become better, warmer and more beautiful and it does. The colors are clean and new like the air, with soft inviting pastels. Bird song fills the air like a symphony celebrating life. Everyday something new awakens, birds are more active, grass starts turning green, buds appear on trees, flowers start sprouting from the earth and with each of the glorious miracles my spirit and faith are renewed. Spring is a true gift one to be appreciated and celebrated!




Season of Change…

Spring for me is a season filled with mixed emotions. It is a season of growth and renewal, which are exciting and daunting at the same time. I’m always excited about the prospect of changes but I also fear change. Especially the changes seemingly out of my control. It is this very concept that has mired me in procrastination, which ultimately has hindered my growth and my potential. I know I’m not alone in this vicious cycle of want and fear, but how do we get out how do wechange”?

While I don’t have any definitive answers, I have a few guesses; “Put one foot in front of the other and Follow the Yellow Brick Road”.  Classic song advice from Santa Clause is Coming to Town and The Wizard of OZ. While neither of these catchy tunes are deep in a philosophical sense they are rich in practical advice. They are also uplifting and that makes them less scary…

So as I ponder this season of change and face my fears, I will whistle a happy tune as I put one foot in front of the other while I navigate the Yellow Brick Road…

Here’s hoping all your changes are for the good,


Small Wonders…

Ah spring and all the wonders that come with this season of awakening! Heading out the door today for a short run I couldn’t help but just stand still for a moment and take in all the sights, sounds and smells! Spring’s essences is about renewal and rebirth!

Before setting out I retied my shoes and that’s when I noticed all the worm holes and how the lawn in front of my condo was coming alive because of the wonderful aeration work by these little thought of creatures. I stood there in awe and wondered why I failed to recognize this miracle before and wondered how many other similar events I failed to see?

That newfound awareness turned an ordinary run into an extraordinary run! I ran with my eyes and heart wide open appreciating all the small wonders around me, and realizing what an incredible universe we live in – No small wonder there!

Peace, love and worm discoveries for you all!


Constant Companions…

There are very few constants in one’s life. However it occurred to me while running in Colt Park, I’ve had constant companions! The magnificent trees that stand as guardians of the park…

These beautiful trees of varying variety have been there since my very first visit. When I was a small child riding upon my father’s shoulders. They were there when I was twelve testing the new bike path on my gold ten speed. They provided back ground in my teens as we listened to James Taylor and the Beach Boys in concert. They provided shade when I grew weary of sunbathing in my twenties. They provided a meeting point for karate school outings in my thirties and forties. Now they provide me comfort and reassurance as I run or walk by them in my fifties; That life does go on that spring  will come again and there is beauty and grace in growing old!

I am truly grateful for all these companions have provided me… Stand tall my lovely friends!


Spring Cleaning…

As I’ve stated in earlier posts spring is the beginning for me… The world is welcoming new life in all its forms. The air is cleaner, the rain even smells fresh! Birds are building nests and we’re cleaning out the residue of winter.

Then why not a Spring Cleaning for the spirit or the soul? Christians celebrate Easter.  Jews are celebrating passover. We need to put into practice some of the introspection from winter. How are we going to be better at who we are? What do we have to offer the world? What are we willing to do to be God Realized spirits? It’s more than claiming to belong to a faith; how do you practice your faith? All the great religious philosophies preach love, selflessness and forgiveness… Is it time to rid yourself of hate,selfishness and resentment? A Spring Cleaning…

No one is perfect we’re all here to learn about our selves and our place in the world. Spring is a good time to start – Nature is renewing her commitment, why not us?



Welcome Back…

A headache had me in its grips for most of the day – After it lifted I decided to go for a walk. Walking through the neighborhood I noticed a few friends have returned from dormancy or their winter homes. There were the crocus yellow,white and purple. Robins were hopping about searching for worms. Trees were adorned in buds. I sent silent welcome backs to each and every sign of spring…

How wonderful to witness these returns, the reaffirming of life and the universe…


Start With Spring…

Please note my Northeastern perspective on this thought, those of you living in a temperate climate may not or cannot share this view…

Driving in the most glorious of weather, it came to mind how much I love and look forward to spring. Which got me to thinking why don’t we start the actual calendar year with spring? It represents renewal and rebirth, there is more light and a “lightness” of spirit. The season represents hope, life and faith… Many faiths begin their calendars in spring. The zodiac starts with Aries (March-April). Chinese medicine’s first meridians are wood (spring).

I wonder if our “New Year” resolutions would be followed through more often if we began the year with spring, instead of the dregs of January? We’d have more energy to carry out those resolutions, instead of just hibernating…

As for me I’m going for a walk, to breathe and take in all the promise of this season and the universe has to offer!  I will guarantee there will be a SPING in my step!




My head is spinning… Saturday 11 inches of snow, Sunday my two favorite teams won the right to play in the Super Bowel. Sounds typical of January, right?

Today the temperature is 50 something and 90% of the snow is gone. I received an email from MLB and “Red Sox Nation” (pay 15 bucks and you get an opportunity to buy tickets at face value) informing me early release tickets go on sale at noon! My lucky day, I didn’t even have to wait in the God forsaken virtual waiting room! Viola four tickets for a July game!

The only thing I need to do is see a robin to confirm its Spring… Doubt it though – we’re having a Mark Twain moment, meaning if you don’t like the weather wait a minute it will change!

Yah gotta love New England! Now where is my sunblock?