Positives First…

Some days I hate opening my yahoo and aol accounts to check mail. The last thing I want to see in the morning are stories about bickering politicians, murderous rampages, killer storms and all the other negative news. I’m not condoning burying our heads in the sand but couldn’t we all use some positive stories? Other than the latest reality show, beauty contest or professional sports champions — Nothing positive gets front page headlines…

Is it a wonder that so many antidepressants are sold during the news? It makes me think of the law of attraction, we get what we think about not what we wish for! No wonder we all think the world is a mess! We are starving for something positive! Which there are if we choose to see them, or report them, but good news doesn’t sell!

So I will end this sad little rant with some good news; Two missing cats have reappeared, A seventeen year old martial art student of mine raised $700.00 for the Walk to Stop Bullying, my students raised over $3000.00 total for three separate charities in the past three months!

So what’s your good word?


While They’re Young…

You may or may not know that I’m a martial arts teacher. This is a calling I take very seriously. I’m not worried about high my students will kick, but what are the life lessons I can teach them. For example, yesterday I shared a simple example on the law of attraction.

It was warm and muggy, and we were practicing forms. I noticed a few of my students fanning themselves and giving me exasperated looks to show me how warm they were. I then noted a few other students practicing diligently. I stopped to speak to them. I asked the group who were focused on the heat what they were thinking about? “It’s hot” they proclaimed. I asked my second group what they were focused on, “Our form.” Then I asked the students who were hot how they thought their form was looking? Their answer was they didn’t know they were thinking about how hot they were. I then asked the second group if they noticed how hot it was? They said, “Not really we were doing the form.” Then one little guy piped up and said, “Wow, you only get what you think about!”

Why did I share this? Because kids get this stuff, so teach them so they can learn and put it into practice long before we did! Teach them while they’re young!