Peace and Joy

I’m coming down from my soapbox — My last few posts have been rather pointed and for good reasons. However I’d like to get back to the “Joy of running”.

Fall is just around the corner, although it feels in full swing in my coastal neighborhood. Temperatures in the low 50’s and a gusty northwest wind made me adjust my Friday morning park run. Instead of running along the water I ran through the middle of the park and onto the wooded trails. I’d forgotten how much I love being in the woods (not fun in the heat and humidity with mosquitos) the grounding solitude running trails gives you is like no other running.

If I had to rank running surfaces, trails would be my favorite because it seems the most natural — Where it all began. It’s funny because my preferences reflect a progression from most natural to least; wooded trails, bike path, streets, tracks, and treadmills in that order.

My senses are definitely heightened because of the tricky surfaces, the occasional squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk or woodchuck dashing about. The air was clean with the crispness of the impending autumn even a few leaves have started to turn. It’s humbling to think about the history of this beautiful land and how blessed I am to be living here and now to enjoy running in this beautiful natural cathedral.

What was supposed to be a two mile training run turned into a 3.5 mile run/hike, which was fine by me because everything including the few wrong turns was perfect  — the way life should be experienced, with peace and joy!

Where do you find your running bliss?





Running in the Woods

I decided to take the path less run today, and hit some of the wooded trails in the beautiful state park in my home town. I don’t often run trails mostly because of time constraints, however I had an errand to do this morning, close by one of the most beautiful parks in the world and decided to veer off the pavement.

The woods in southeastern New England are ablaze with color and the musty scent of autumn, coupled by the scenes of Narragansett Bay that can be viewed through the foliage today’s run was art in motion! The runner in me was ever mindful of the uneven terrain but the photographer in me was scanning views for potential shots after the run. As I came out of the woods and by the  town beach I had the delight to watch kite surfers manipulate the wind and the water in what appeared to be a thrilling ride through the chop. 

Obviously none of this would have been experienced out of my front door and onto the streets of my neighborhood, which reminds me of why its important to look for new places and challenges to run. So if you haven’t tried off  roading in running shoes you’re missing something wonderful!