Aps That Make Me “h APPY”

Ah the wonders of the Ap store, a plethora of games and answers to life’s little conundrums.  Here are a few of these tech wonders that keep me on track: Yoga Studio, awesome for people like me who want to have a yoga practice but who’s life style doesn’t fit the typical yoga class schedule. This Ap has beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes that range from 15 minutes to an hour. I’ve made great strides in my flexibility and my over all technique. As a bonus I’ve “borrowed” a few of these moves for my martial art class plans. This Ap also got me interested in pursuing a retreat at Kripalu. Next Ap Runmeter, I used to log all my runs in a journal to mark progress with my training and to monitor shoe milage, this wonderful Ap does this and more! A wonderful side benefit is I can read it unlike the scribbles in my journals. The GPS is great for tracking milage for future runs, which beats the heck out of taking a car around to determine the miles! Third Ap Lose It, I love having to be accountable documenting my food choices makes me think twice about 9 hershey’s kisses vs a portion of a healthy egg bake! This also helps me portion out recipes and has restaurant calories as well as popular grocery items. I love earning my little incentive badges, as silly as it seems they are great motivators. My newest Ap is Insight Timer, this one is for meditation. I love that you can just use the timer, or you can choose one of the many guided meditations. This Ap also has groups of different users that you can join. It’s comforting to know that you’re meditating with 654 or 510 people from all over the world!

There you have it my “Aps of Life” they keep me connected, on track, motivated, organized and most of all “h Appy”.


Mileage Metaphor

Typically my worst mile in running is my first and depending on the length of the run the last. Which pretty much sums up everything I take on! Getting started with a project or anything new requires a great deal of discipline. The thought of daunting tasks are sometimes too much to bear so we/I procrastinate. Procrastinating is just like those annoying leg cramps in the first mile you either succumb and walk or  work through it and complete the goal.

After Getting through the first mile you gain momentum and a rhythm and all goes along well. Until the tedium and length weighs you down, and you quit or stall. This is when training and experience will get you through to the end.

Completing tasks requires practice just as long distance running does. So train the same way. Start with low mileage/or small projects and build up until you can complete your marathon…

My brain is running wild today!




I’m spending a rare evening at home. Most nights I’m at my martial arts school. Some of you might think this was where I work, on the contrary its where I DO my work… Sitting at this computer gives me a whole different perspective of what my life is about; Its about service. Helping others learn how to set and reach goals gives me great pleasure. To have students gain confidence with each level inspires me to provide more energy and passion into what I teach and how I teach.

I also know as a master teacher that I must teach by example, to train how I want my students to train. So as I sit here reviewing my upcoming sixth dan exam I’ve come to realize the exam is not only a test of my martial art skills but a lesson for my students…



Clear Thinking…

Wow I’ve been sidelined with a bit of a sinus issue and a mild ear infection… I can’t believe how a minor illness can slow you down. As a former nurse I’m well aware of the body’s healing processes taking precedence over my training regime. What throws me for a loop is how my mental capacity becomes muddled. Clear thinking requires – A lot of Thought!  There is effort involved even toward simple tasks!

The lack of clear thinking may be due impart to the cold medicines, the clogged sinuses and or the constant ringing in my right ear. Then again maybe it’s the body’s way of saying just shut up and rest…

Which is what Im going to do – I think?


Martial Arts Magic

To explain how I’ve seen Martial Arts transform people would take more than a blog post it would take VOLUMES!

I’ve been blessed to experience the magic myself. Twenty-eight years ago I walked into my instructors school looking for some self-defense. I did get a few pointers (wink) on defense. I also got in shape, learned to love running and how to train. Yet the greatest magic was discovering ME and who I was meant to be a TEACHER.

Today I saw that same magic in action at a small affiliation tournament. One of my students overcame one of his fears and competed. My other students who witnessed this performance, also have had the experience of slaying one of their personal dragons.

So when the tournament was through, we all applauded the small victory of third place but celebrated the real victory – Self-Confidence!

God I love my Job…

Ginnie, AKA Master A

Sense vs Tired

First let me explain I’m training for a sixth dan in martial arts and I’m fifty something okay fifty-four.  Anyway back to my training. Preparing for a black belt test isn’t a new thing for me this is my tenth test ( I hold a few other belts). Yet this one is a little different. My approach is still regimented I feel like I’m pushing myself and being pushed yet its different.

A friend answer to this is, I’m using more sense during this go. Resting more, organizing my workouts better. She said I was being more mindful of my recent minor injuries,trying not to exacerbate those injuries or incur more. What my friend says maybe true. However,  I believe all of the sensible behavior is because, I’m too TIRED! So there are less double sessions, lighter weights, no forward rolls in reaction circles. I’m running two miles three times a week, not three or five miles five times a week. Plank positions have replaced push ups, sit ups are done in sets not until my tailbone rips through my skin!

In conclusion, wisdom doesn’t come from age; wisdom is being too tired to be stupid and crazy!

Time for a nap,



With the dawning of the new year also comes the resolutions, goals and promises to make this year better than the last. While all the idea of change is admirable – It will soon be forgotten and as stale, as aunt Martha’s fruit cake.

The reason people don’t follow through with so called new year resolutions is they lack vision. In other words they don’t know what they really want. So they have very general goals like getting in shape. What kind of shape? Losing weight, inches,or fat? Do you want to gain stamina or strength? Walk a mile or run a marathon? You see something  general like getting in shape has many aspects. With better vision or knowing exactly  what you want, will give you a better out come.

For instance if weight loss is your goal. First find a healthy program. Then decide on a good goal weight. Break the weight goal into smaller  more manageable goals. An example would be if you wanted to lose 30 pounds try losing a pound per week or about 5 pounds per month. Having a good plan like a good map will get you there. However if your plan was to lose 30 pounds in two months or didn’t give your self smaller attainable goals along the way you are setting your self up for failure. Which means you will  be making a resolution to lose 40 pounds in 2013!

Get focused on what you want, research and plan. Set up small attainable goals along the way and this time next year you’ll be envisioning a new goal instead of revisiting the same wish!



PS, If you need any help on goal setting please feel free to contact me via the comment section…

Oh BTW my fitness goals for 2012 attain my sixth dan in American Martial Arts and Run a half marathon…



The proper frame can give an ordinary photograph or painting more depth and substance. On the other hand a poorly framed photograph can lose depth and substance. What am I getting at? Why am I so interested in framing?

I’m not interested in writing about framing photographs (although I enjoy framing photographs). I’m speaking metaphorically, I’m referring to  how we “frame” our thoughts and or beliefs. How our  view on a subject can either create depth or lose substance depending on our perspective. For example, I was informed today that I’m to be tested for my 6th Dan in February. On one hand I could view this as a challenge that my body no longer wants to endure. After all I’m 54 with a number of minor nagging complaints. Do I really need to aggravate these injuries?  On the other hand this is an honor and an opportunity for me to learn to push myself with in my limits and to be an example to my students.

Which leaves me to wonder how many times I’ll be reframing my view from now and until February? I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long winter!


Running a Tab…

I had a lot to think about as I limped back home after I was unable to run even a mile on the road.  What made me think that after a week of barely walking on a treadmill, intense massage therapy to my left hip and leg, finally drinking enough water and stretching the way I should have, that I would don my running gear and all would be fine?

Pure arrogance, face it I’ve been running a tab  on abusing myself;  with hit or miss stretching, lying to myself that coffee is liquid therefore a substitute for water, believing that I’m indestructible, over training and missing rest.  Now the universe is asking to be repaid  and my hip has been repossessed! Call it karma or neglect it all adds up to arrogance and not thinking of consequences.

There is my self-realization, what’s your’s? Face it we  are arrogant as a nation, a national debt in the trillions, there isn’t a state with an obesity level less than 20% the projected divorce rate is 50%!  What does this tell me? That individually we must have an issue in one of these areas also. Unless you’re one of the few enlightened avatars sent here to show us home. How can we resolve these issues? We start with humility, self-control, and respect for a Higher Power.

I started my humility training with, ice, rest, a SOS to my massage therapist, meditation and better insight, especially  after reading this passage from the Tao;

“The way to greater light leads through the darkness,

Going ahead feels like falling back.

The even path seems rugged and hilly,

The highest power a yielding valley.”

(Tao 41)

I hope you start paying off your tab soon, karma’s a tough creditor!


The People Who Keep Me Running…

These  last few posts have been about an injury I sustained to my left leg and my attitude regarding the injury. To say I’m not a passive person would be the understatement of the year!  These past few days have been a test of my patience, being still even at fifty-four isn’t a strong point of mine. After several days of annoying discomfort and workouts scaled down to a crawl I visited my massage therapist. For those of you who’ve never visited a massage therapist or think going to one is a luxury or a frivolous expense let me set you straight. First off if you believe in preventative health and wellbeing you should at least visit a good therapist once.

Let me set the record straight I’m not talking about a fluff and buff massage but seeing a professional who will take your history and tailor a treatment to your needs. I’ve been visiting therapists on a regular basis for many years. My massage therapists not only kept the old girl running and kicking they’ve assisted me with stress related migraines, given me advice on stretching, body mechanics, relaxation, injury prevention, the list is endless. When you compare spending $2.47 a day for coffee (current price for  med ice) times 30 days comes to $74.10 the approximate cost for an hour massage. It all comes down to what we value. Believe me I’m a coffee fanatic but if it came to choosing a monthly massage or a daily coffee from a drive through there’d be no contest…  America may run on coffee but when I want to run, the people I run to, are the people who keep me running!  Visit a massage therapist soon, you won’t regret it.

FYI when seeking a good therapist ask them for references or ask a friend.

A Special Thanks to all the hardworking massage therapist keeping the rest of us moving in a little less pain…