Last Word…

As I’m writing this there is a thunderstorm passing through with torrential rains. This whole scene reminds me once again, we (people) don’t have the last word. That’s left up to the universe and in this case Mother Nature!

It doesn’t matter how much technology we’ve developed or how much wealth we’ve obtained or any of the discoveries we’ve uncovered. We don’t control our ultimate destiny , death…

Ultimately I wouldn’t want control of all that,nor would I want anyone else to have it. Life should be a mystery and we should let go of our egos and be humbled by the universe. Otherwise life would be rather dull, imagine never being caught in the rain?




My head is spinning… Saturday 11 inches of snow, Sunday my two favorite teams won the right to play in the Super Bowel. Sounds typical of January, right?

Today the temperature is 50 something and 90% of the snow is gone. I received an email from MLB and “Red Sox Nation” (pay 15 bucks and you get an opportunity to buy tickets at face value) informing me early release tickets go on sale at noon! My lucky day, I didn’t even have to wait in the God forsaken virtual waiting room! Viola four tickets for a July game!

The only thing I need to do is see a robin to confirm its Spring… Doubt it though – we’re having a Mark Twain moment, meaning if you don’t like the weather wait a minute it will change!

Yah gotta love New England! Now where is my sunblock?



Random Thoughts…

If there is time travel or an alternate universe half my socks are there… ¬†Einstein’s theories never included the laundry room.

We have 24 hour weather reports on television and on our computers. We can get weather radar on our phones. Yet we still don’t heed the warnings, Whereas the animals in nature with only their ¬†instincts have hunkered down. So we don’t have the sense God gave or the sense to utilize the information available to us!

I wonder if teachers still have students write an essay on what they did on their summer vacation? Mine would be The day the earthquaked and How Irene Blew my last weekend before starting school…


Heed warnings, and stay safe,