With the dawning of the new year also comes the resolutions, goals and promises to make this year better than the last. While all the idea of change is admirable – It will soon be forgotten and as stale, as aunt Martha’s fruit cake.

The reason people don’t follow through with so called new year resolutions is they lack vision. In other words they don’t know what they really want. So they have very general goals like getting in shape. What kind of shape? Losing weight, inches,or fat? Do you want to gain stamina or strength? Walk a mile or run a marathon? You see something  general like getting in shape has many aspects. With better vision or knowing exactly  what you want, will give you a better out come.

For instance if weight loss is your goal. First find a healthy program. Then decide on a good goal weight. Break the weight goal into smaller  more manageable goals. An example would be if you wanted to lose 30 pounds try losing a pound per week or about 5 pounds per month. Having a good plan like a good map will get you there. However if your plan was to lose 30 pounds in two months or didn’t give your self smaller attainable goals along the way you are setting your self up for failure. Which means you will  be making a resolution to lose 40 pounds in 2013!

Get focused on what you want, research and plan. Set up small attainable goals along the way and this time next year you’ll be envisioning a new goal instead of revisiting the same wish!



PS, If you need any help on goal setting please feel free to contact me via the comment section…

Oh BTW my fitness goals for 2012 attain my sixth dan in American Martial Arts and Run a half marathon…



One of the reasons I’m attracted to running is very little is required, except good shoes and time.  I’m free of team obligations, expensive equipment,scheduling venues needed to participate, like a tee time. It’s me and where I choose to run. Since I’ve started running this unencumbered philosophy has found it’s way into other areas of my life. I’ve lost twenty-one pounds that kept me from performing at my optimum. My diet has become “cleaner”, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits sometimes eaten raw or as close to their natural state as possible. I’ve spent less time on the computer and watching television. I sleep more peacefully and breathe more fully. Even though I  experience the same stressors in my life, I’m far less stressed. It amazes me how deciding to run has transpired into all I just wrote about. The ripple effect personified!

We all need to be freer of the chains we burden ourselves with. I’m always drawn to the scene from A Christmas Carol, when Marley  appears to Scrooge. Marley is burdened with chains and when Scrooges asks about them, Marley answers that these chains were forged in my life time.  How many have we forged? I know running isn’t for everyone but what could you do? Remember one simple act will cause a ripple effect, all you need to do is act…

BTW you will be visited by three spirits,