Running Through Winter

This is the first full winter that I’ve trained through. Believe me there were some sub freezing days that were less than ideal but I went anyway. I learned how to dress not only for the weather but for running in the weather. There were the had to hit the dreadmill days, but there was rarely a missed schedule training day and for that I’m proud.

Here is what I learned; even though the world seems asleep there’s still lots of life. Robins were replaced with darting chickadees and juncos. Ducks and geese still took the icy waters. Trees bared all the crooked misshapen branches no longer adorned with the color of fall. The sun’s angle created haunting shadows as I ran. The barren landscape of winter gave me space to go inward for some incredible reflection. Some I wished I shared with you all but selfishly kept to myself…

Spring is here my first race of the year behind me, it was difficult long, windy and sometimes cold, yet like the winter it had moments of clarity and peace…

Run on


eventually snow melts and spring will appear…

Running through Winter…

I ran six miles today and it’s February 4th! That was my “Big Game”. To think a year ago I wouldn’t have entertained running in February – Maybe on a treadmill (then again this time last year it would have been 30 minutes of walking on a treadmill.)

Why is any of the above relevant? My point is no matter how old or where you are in you head-space you can change your thoughts. I hated winter and made all those around me fully aware of my feelings – I’d start whining in December and would continue to piss and moan through Easter. I would put on 5 to 10lbs every winter mostly through less exercise but also stress eating. I’d be checking the fifteen day forecast more often than a broker checks the market. My mood would be as cold as the weather.

What changed?  My attitude — I decided to run a half marathon. That goal got me to the gym and on the treadmill last winter and onto the roads this past spring and summer. I became a different person losing 15lbs, running more seriously 3 times per week; two shorter training runs and a long run on Sundays, getting to 12 miles before the half. I didn’t want to give up all that I gained so this year I got winter running gear.  I’ve been running when the weather or road conditions cooperate or hit the gym if the weather is bad. I’m still checking the 15 day forecast not so I can complain but so I can schedule my running. My attitude toward winter has changed, not that I love it but I found an appreciation for the rests it affords.

Winter teaches me that I’m not totally in control of what happens but I am in control of how I react to what happens.

I’ve taken advantage of the snow days and got a lot of paper work done, reading, listened to pod casts, watched Ted Talks. Things that I’d have less time to do in better weather. I’m finding more happiness in simple things like just sitting with my cat, building a puzzle with my 94 year-old neighbor, taking my mother to visit my aunt or sharing the bike path with a squirrel, sparrows, and a red tail hawk.

Dr Wayne Dyer was right “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

What are you looking at now?


Winter; One

I’m not a fan of winter, most who know me are probably tired of my incessant whining. I’m fond of saying, ” this is what I like about winter”_______ and say nothing. Today I’ll admit to liking one thing…

After spending a good portion of the day in my PJ’s I was summoned out by the condo chairman to move my car. (we have this game, move cars from lot to lot so they can plow ) During one of these sessions it dawned on me that this is probably one of the few times that I see my neighbors. We converse (mostly about moving to AZ, Fl or Calif), we help each other cleaning and moving cars. Then a few of us peek in on our senior residents and then clean off their cars.

This brief sense of community makes  the chore of being in the cold and damp almost bearable… So there you have it One thing about winter.


Stay Warm,


One Thing To Look Forward To…

As we approach the end of October we notice the beautiful muted colors of autumn.  This time of year is bittersweet the heralding the end of  summer and the coming of winter. I know some of you enjoy the winter season. As for me winter is a season to get through; like a colonoscopy, or a tax audit!

There is one thing that I appreciate about winter it is retreating inward. Not just indoors but inside my own heads. This is a time for introspection and reflection on where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going… Take time each morning or evening and ask yourself those three questions. You will eventually get your answers. If you are truly honest with yourself you may get answers you don’t like. Believe me getting to know your self isn’t for sissies, but it’s the only way we grow a beings…

Looking forward to “Spring Growth”,