Perspective @ 56

Yesterday I celebrated my 56th birthday. It amazes me more and more how quickly life happens! It is said;” the days drag and the years fly”. I’m seeing the truth in that statement more and more each day.

So here are some thoughts from my Birthday Run and the “Run called Life” so far:

Things and having or getting things don’t seem as important now, “Moments” they’re what count and there’s no “gift card”for them!

Aging parents are precious, because each day with them is a rare gem!

Laughing loud and often, is far more fun than whining and complaining and the choice is always ours!

Giving is far more gratifying than getting, especially when you get to share your gifts!

Furry family are just as important as any other member of the family and they will never say or do anything to hurt or be disloyal. They can be trusted with all your deepest darkest secrets.

Travel and reading are our best education.

One woman’s delicates may be frilly from Victoria Secret while another’s may be wicking from Reebock!

Chocolate and Peanut Butter won’t cure anything but they both make life easier to cope with!

Regrets are left for things undone not for what has been done, those are lessons…

Namaste, and here’s hoping I have more perspective @57!


Last to First

These past few days I’ve seen woman, who are friends, family members or clients who are fried. This is evident by all the tears, headaches, colds and dark circles I’ve noticed. I’m sure the season has something to do with it, but my guess is these woman are putting them selves last.

Putting your own needs last is what woman do. We are wired to put the needs of others first. Your family’s needs are one thing but many of these woman have put committees, causes and other out side influences ahead of them selves as well. Which is admirable but not always wise, I’m not saying to give up volunteering, however you need to consider your self too.

Most of us have ridden on a plane and have witnessed the safety lecture in which the flight attendant explains what to do when the oxogen masks are deployed. They tell you to place yours on first if you have children! This is so you can be alert enough to care for them. Utilize this safety instruction with your everyday lives. Do one thing for  yourself each day put your self first. By doing this we are more physically, mentally and spiritually ready to take care of everyone else!


Be kind to you…


Think Before Yes…

Yes, another blog on woman who do too much. Why ? I hear you asking. Because we need to become aware of the Chronic Yessers.  You know who they are, you maybe one of them. The woman who says yes to every organization, charity, family member, pet and stranger who ask for help.

Chronic Yessers start at an early age, wanting to please and be loved. They are the perfect daughter and the best friend. They  grow up believing they can save the world, by making everyone happy. Except WE Can’t! Yes my name is Ginnie and I’m a chronic YESSER! I’ve yessed my way to sleep deprivation, migraines, back pain, shoulder pain, and chronically Cranky! After decades of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders – Leading to a left shoulder injury,(Probably over use). I’m here to say we don’t have to say YES to everyone!

What we need to start doing is thinking before we say yes. When someone asks you for a favor, to join a committee, or even to coffee. STOP and think about what is being asked and give it measurable meaning. For example watching a neighbors child for an hour can be measured as 60lbs. Can your shoulders take 60 pounds on top of the 120lb bake sale for the middle school? Notice how if we put weight to tasks or favors we are better able to see how we are becoming over burdened.

We’ve lost the ability to say no, we need to regain control over our lives and it starts with thinking before yes… By the way would anyone like to be on my committee to make habitual yessing a disease?

Don’t you dare say yes!





Old Friends…

I had lunch today with two of my old friends from nursing school. It never ceases to amaze me even after not seeing each other for  a year we  can pick up right where we left off. The rhythm of our conversations are the same, though the subject matter is vastly different. We’re no longer obsessing over having to perform a dry sterol dressing. Asking if the other could switch a baby sitting job or who’s up for pizza at A1? Now we truly are “old friends.”  We complain about the aches and pains that being fifty something bring. Our concerns over aging parents and the uncertainty of managing the crazy lives we lead.  There are more wrinkles and we look and act more like our mothers than we dare to admit. Yet, in someways its 1975-78 and we are Deb, Coll and Ginnie, missing Karen, Joanne and Pat. There are giggles,hugs and the subtle humor only the closest of friends can share and understand.

We spent twenty-four hours a day for three years together. I may have friends whom I’ve known longer or see more often. None of these friends share the bond that living, studying and working together brings. For three years we lived like sisters, we were a family.

I always think of the quote from Jonathan Livingston Seagull after every time I see  one of these amazing woman; “And in the middle of Here and Now, don’t you think that we might see each other once or twice?”  I guess its because these are not just friends for life, but Lifetimes…




Avoiding Admission…

Do I really want to open this can a worms? Probably not, but here goes – I like some of you avoid admitting; That I’m wrong,  incapable ,  sick, injured, hurt, angry, bothered, fallible, HUMAN!  Yes, human… I am woman hear me roar! I’ve been saying I can do this by myself since the age of one!  Admitting anything else would be an admission of failure in the minds of us cape wearing super beings. Asking for assistance means giving up some “control” .  Giving up control is kryptonite to a Super Being!

I’m unclear when we first get hooked on the highly addictive drug “control”? My guess is, it happens to those of us who were raised in an overly controlled or a chaotic environment. I’m doubtful a control freak can be spawned in a balanced atmosphere. Wherever  or however it happens doesn’t really matter. What does matter is learning how to give up the obsessive need to control every outcome.  I also know in those rare occurrences when I do “Let Go and Let God” things always have a way of working out.

IT is time for me to admit, I am human. I will to do my best to turn over things that matter to a Higher Power  and ask friends for help  with the less pressing burdens. May I suggest the same to the rest of my cape wearing, control addicted, super being readers!

Admission is Free!



Stalled Out…

I’ve noticed a theme to a lot of the conversations I’ve had with friends, seems delays, or unexpected stoppages or just lack of time, energy or discipline has us “Stalled Out”… I’m thinking we somehow are all sharing the same issues, since we’re pretty much in the same age category known as the”Oreos”sandwiched between raising families and caring for aging parents.  There are minor repairs to be made on the house or car, closets to  sort, bills to pay and not much money to pay them with!  There are friends we mean to call, family we should visit, functions we’d love to attend, but we somehow can’t get our acts together!  We feel like we’re walking in molasses! Bogged down by careers and families we love, but unable to find time to enjoy being with them –  Seems like we’re always caring for them! Is it any wonder that a recent study shows that the people between the ages of 45 and 64 have the least satisfying quality of life!

Solutions anyone? I’m not sure there are any, but I do know when I’ve stalled out my car I call for assistance. Funny that’s another thing my friends and I have in common we never ask for help! I propose we Oreos form our own “Road Side Assistance” . Let’s offer each other a push or a jump start and more importantly ACCEPT one when offered…

Need a Tow?