New Insights…

Today I was working on one of my essays for my sixth dan test; Describe your journey from fifth dan to sixth dan. To those of you unfamiliar with the time span of black belt dans or degrees it has been five years since my fifth dan test.

So there I was sitting at my work PC chuckling to myself how the hell do I condense five years of living into an essay answer? After pondering for what seemed like an hour I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. Detailing what had been one of the biggest growth periods of my adult life – Except I hadn’t realized it until that moment.

It never ceases to amaze me how writing about your self wether journaling, blogging, a resume or an essay question makes your experience real. It takes it out of the subconscious or your memory and makes you see it in black and white. This is where truths are often found and lessons learned or at least reinforced.




I just played another word with one of my Words With Friends, friend. Which got me to thinking about words… Not just for the game but how they are used and how they are and always have been precious to me.

Writing two blogs (hopefully but not always every day) – Speaking to and with students, parents and potential clients. Today’s conference call with fellow martial instructors. Emails, texts, phone calls and then there are the looks that require no words!

Sharing every emotion on the spectrum and then when there are no words… There are hugs. Sometimes the word touch used as a verb, can deliver more impact than anything ever written or said…

Words with out words…